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  • > > We have one a block away from our house and due to convenience sake we go there alot. Is there anyone who doesn't have at least one a block away from their house?:)
  • I got up, dragged myself out of bed, only to discover that it was too overcast in Houston to see anything. I did get to see part of it that evening on the news...looked spectacular!
  • And remember, the same employee who loses an hour in April may not be employed in September to re-coup this lost hour. As Don's post states, we too always pay by actual hgours worked.
  • >My concern and question relate more to the really genuine needs to >exceed the leave bank balance, moreso than the 'shape up' discipline >situation. I can see real problems trying to discipline somebody who >is genuinly sick 8 mo…
  • One of the more creative alternative work schedules that I have heard of is allowing staff to work 9 hours Monday - Thursday and 8 hours on Friday, then the following week of that same payperiod, they would again work 9 hours Monday - Thursday, but …
  • I copied the following information from the Texas Workforce Commission website: Ongoing availability and work search requirements: During each week you claim, you must: Make an active search for full-time work Be physically able to work Be avail…
  • You should be safe in classifying this as reduced leave schedule. A reduced leave schedule is one that reduces an employee's usual number of working hours per workweek, or number of hours per day. I've never read anything that requires the reduced…
  • I recently purchased the Ten Danger Zones for Supervisors. I have scheduled 5 lunch meetings with myself and the company's supervisors, where we will view the videos two at a time. We have met twice so far and I was pleased that the supervisors ac…
  • It's phrased this way on our applications, "If hired, can you furnish proof you are eligible to work in the United States?"
  • Hi EJennieS..the [url]www.hrci.org[/url] website is full of great information regarding the PHR/SPHR certification.
  • Rockie - I think that's a personal decision for each of us depending upon our own set of circumstances. I have been at my current job for six years and I love it. It's ten minutes from home and I have a very family friendly boss; I'm home most day…
  • Thanks eveyone for the great input!