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  • I knew you were a smart woman, Nae! I lost interest partway through the second paragraph and just scrolled down to the bottom to see what you thought the answer was. Saved myself time AND eyestrain.
    in HR IQ - huh? Comment by HRQ July 2008
  • Evidently my sarcastic tone didn't come across as well as I'd intended... x;-)
    in emotcons Comment by HRQ November 2007
  • x:o My goodness, Paul, you are brilliant! Oh, wait, they just fixed the link is all... Nevermind. 8-| x:D
    in emotcons Comment by HRQ November 2007
  • x:p
    in emotcons Comment by HRQ November 2007
  • Love you, my OK friend. Stop whining 'bout Haiku, I'll stop writing them. x:D
    in emotcons Comment by HRQ November 2007
  • Because of you, Jo- ann-ie, I intend to post only in Haiku. x:D HTML Ref- er-ence also not working. But I still know how. Mwah, ha ha ha ha, Ho ho ho ho, he he he! My evil laughter.
    in emotcons Comment by HRQ November 2007
  • It's no longer one of the choices. You missed that window of opportunity, bub. I do need an eye exam, if you wanna go with option #3, though.
    in new look Comment by HRQ October 2007
  • They fixed it.
    in new look Comment by HRQ October 2007
  • Either they fixed it already, or I am crazy, or I desparately need an eye exam. Now the text boxes are wider.
    in new look Comment by HRQ October 2007
  • x:D
    in new look Comment by HRQ October 2007
  • OK, one thing I do not like: the text box we use to type our posts or PM's is really narrow now. It's kind of annoying. There's plenty of room for it to be wider, but it's just not. Possibly the Forum designers prefer for us to communicate in Ha…
    in new look Comment by HRQ October 2007
  • Actually, I think it's harder to look at. But then, I also do not like change like this. Makes me have to think before clicking. Give it a few days and I'll forget what it looked like before the change.
    in new look Comment by HRQ October 2007
  • Paul is the only one who uses a wifi cordless handheld thingie for anything other than brief, poorly punctuated emails.
    in Mobile? Comment by HRQ October 2007
  • ...put the toilet seat back down before you snuck off to the bar! I thought you was dead, or abducted by aliens, or somethin', what with all that slime you left on that plow." And with that, she clocked him upside the head with the now-empty whisk…
    in Ghost Thread Comment by HRQ October 2007
  • ...ducked behind the rather large barmaid/hairstylist. But... it was too late. His wife saw him. She had that look in her eye that he's seen many times before, and he felt panic roiling in his stomach, blending with the whiskey, barely unable t…
  • Well, it is a very scary thread indeed! In its first life, it was a farm wife in the early 1800's. Her husband mysteriously disappeared while plowing the fields. When he didn't return for a tasty supper of corn pone, dried beef and strong coffee,…
  • It was more fun when you ignored my question. Made the whole "ghost thread phenomenon" seem mysterious. Thank you for explaining though, tk. x:D
  • Notice how it has mysteriously disappeared and nobody from MLS has acknowledged it? Interesting.
  • That sounds like someone else I know.
  • You just can't trust non-Forumites. Those of us who subscribe can always be trusted to do and say the right thing. We have proven that time and again. x:D
  • Here it is, with a couple of minor edits (for example, I've corrected the spelling of the word "grammar"). ----------------------------------------- Seeeeeeeee, Paul? There ARE people out there like me! x:D Tony is my new hero.
    in Missing Thread Comment by HRQ April 2007
  • Paul might accept Twinkies as payment. I'm trying to bribe him into being my friend again, by offering Twinkies. So far it's not working.
    in Missing Thread Comment by HRQ April 2007
  • Don't click on "post message" and just close the window to log out altogether. - or - Click on "go back", then click the "refresh" button - or - I think clicking on "reset" also cancels the post but don't want to test it now or I'll have to ret…
    in oops! Comment by HRQ February 2005
  • Reminds me of a certain frog wishing to be shod...
  • First thing to actually make me laugh out loud today. And it's 4PM. Thanks guys!
  • >FOR EVERYONE'S INFORMATION: I have just renewed >my membership and signed the check for the >amount of $197.00 which includes a $50.00 >Professional Discount. ML Smith is not ripping >anyone off, this may have been generate…
  • He has a big mouth. Now I'll have to kill you. x;-)
  • Crap. Wish I'd thought of that. Told you I don't have a criminal mind. Not even in the least bit devious. x0:)
  • I never did have a very good criminal mind. This could have landed me on the soon to be popular "COPS - from the Forum" tv show. x:)
  • Chari, I am the only person in my company using our Forum account. If I understand correctly we can have up to five participants on one paid account, although I'm not sure how to add you on. Can I somehow let you gain access through my account? I…