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  • x;-) Got it - thanks!
  • Thank you Brian & thank you, Marc! xhugs
  • Hi James - I did notice the site crashed ;;). Only glitch I have & I've sent an email to Brad & the customer service link is that my number of postings reverted to zero. So, even though I've been on the forum for well over a year, I've onl…
  • Goodbye to everyone that has to leave. Your experience and contribution to this forum has truly made it a valuable source of information and discussion. My hope is that you will be able to find a way to subscribe to the law letter of your state an…
  • I agree with Don D. - I sent in an alert (first time ever for me) on the post from "Rodney" a.k.a. Mary. Obviously selling something - even said it in response to one of Don's posts, "I'm providing a service...". There should be a rule....
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-07-04 AT 03:22PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Okay, here's my summary: Love Don, wish forum police had asked for clarification prior to deleting his post (geez, the guy is an asset to the forum - it's the lea…
  • Hi James - I know that I'm one of the offenders when it comes to writing provocative/harsh posts - I don't deny it - I also write nice, helpful and knowledgeable posts as well - it's a two way street I guess. When I get slammed by someone, or when …
  • Thank you sir! x:-)
  • I didn't feel paranoid - that is until I read your post. I did a quick search xB-) and sure enough - all the good things & bad things folks have said on the forum I already knew about - whew! I have to say though, I'm a little x:-8. I have …
  • Awesome, James! Thank you for this post! x:-)
  • "They know you are top-notch customers and they think of you as team members, so I can imagine they might be feeling a little squashed by your continued disapproval. I haven't talked to them yet, but that's how I would feel. So I wanted to give them…
  • No worries - thanks for clearing it up. It must have been a flow thing. I kept trying to follow & then I thought maybe those 'voices in your head' you keep talking about took over your body & made you post a response here rather than in an…
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-14-03 AT 05:19PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Um, Marc - who are you talking to? I've just reread the thread - and I'm confused...x:-/
  • Yeah! I love the idea of only subscribers on the forum! If the decision goes through - awesome! If not, then it's okay. Thanks for giving us a heads up on the potential changes in the future - it's very helpful.
  • I like what Marc had to say in his post & I echo it. James, you say the text is really black - it just appears brown because it's a thin font. Can you change the font to a thicker one then? It's still very hard to read. Thank you.
  • When did this happen? "ERROR: You can't edit this message. You can only edit message within 30 minutes after your initial post." Why is this necessary in the life of the forum?
  • Could y'all change the text color back - the brown hurts my eyes.
  • PLEASE - I'm BEGGING YOU! I keep posting in a lot of spots hoping to get someone's attention - please change the font color back to blue - this brown is awful on the eyes - also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix the font size situation. It's normal size…
  • Will do James - thanks for the response!
  • well, then, it should be no surprise to you to know that I did very well in the Air Force.
  • for talking back?
  • Hi James That may be policy, but it's not the practice on the forum. As a relatively new member to the forum I can definitely tell the difference between a student question and a real situation from a true HR professional. I don't have a magic ba…
  • Cinderella - you should rethink the George Foreman grill. It's a snap! Here's my favorite Bachelorette recipe: Prepackaged lettuce (many varieties to choose from) Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Big bowl & Salad Toppings Bottle of Pinot Grigio…
  • Awesome information LarryC - I'll use it this weekend! Thanks!
  • Hi LarryC - how will the flour help the hamburger? It seems like adding it will only contribute to the dryness? x:-)
  • I wouldn't throw you over - too many witnesses on the cruise x;-). I appreciate your tips - thanks! x:-)
  • I'll definitely bring it & you can share all of your tips - I'll be the Vanna to your Pat. x:-)
  • Cool - I'll give it a try - thanks x:-)
  • I made cheeseburgers last night. To the hamburger I added worchester sauce, green onions, salt & pepper & my, was it dry. Any hints out there on how to keep the meat a little bit juicy?
  • x:-) I wish I had known too - it would have saved me $59 bucks! I used it last night & it was delicious. I made the following - I copied this recipe from a website: Polynesian Steak 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 clove garlic, minced 1 teaspo…