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  • Nae, is your hubby's name Tim Allen? :-) (sorry, still no emoticons)
  • That's hilarious Nae. So basically giving your husband a toolset is like giving him a loaded gun.
  • My organization has come to expect me to have to leave suddenly for an emergency run. :D He has always bumped his head on things and hurt himself in minor ways, but in the last 5 years it began to get bad. He came very close to losing an eye on the last fall, and I think it made an impression on him. If he hadn't been wearing his glasses, he probably would have.
    BTW, did I tell you how I got him to start wearing his glasses? We were painting the outside of the house and I kept asking him to wear them to paint. He insisted that he didn't need them. He was mostly using a sprayer, so what did it matter? I finally got him to stop, come with me, and put his glasses on. There he saw a daddy long-legs forever painted to the side of our house. He started wearing his glasses. ::pb&J::

    He can be stubborn and sometimes a little silly, but he is a great guy and I am glad I let him to catch me.

    Joannie: he has had a few close calls while playing farm town, but so far no lasting damage (or scars). :D
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