How would you like to go?

When the time comes, how would you like to leave this earth? Although, the linked story is sad, there are probably worse ways to go.



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  • Death by Chocolate! Not a bad way to go :angel:

    I decided years ago that I am not going to die. ::pb&J::

    If God refuses my deal then I would like to go peacefully in my sleep at the ripe old age of 107, still having all my faculties until the bitter end. But, considering the way I drive I believe it is most likely that I will leave this earth after a squeal of tires and a big [FONT=Impact]CRUNCH[/FONT].
  • When the article came out about the man dying in a vat of chocolate I forwarded that on to some of my favorite people. We all agree that would be the very best way to go and with a smile on our face.
  • This is from a "Deep Thought" by Jack Handey.

    When I die, I want to die like my grandfather--who died peacefully
    in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.
  • [QUOTE=Paul in Cannon Beach;716762]This is from a "Deep Thought" by Jack Handey.

    When I die, I want to die like my grandfather--who died peacefully
    in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.[/QUOTE]

    I love it!

    I have to say, no matter how fond I am of chocolate, the thought of drowning in anything liquid or semi-liquid would NOT be my preferred way to go. When I was a kid I got tangled up in some water weeds in a river I was playing in and ended up stuck under the water and didn't get loose until I was nearly out of breath. Because of that, I don't even like putting my face directly under the spray when I'm in the shower.

    I've always said that my preferred way to go is when I'm 110 years old, sleeping peacefully in my bed next to a younger man. My husband is seven years younger than me, so if I can just keep him going until he's 103, my plan should work.
  • I want to be the oldest man ever killed by a jealous husband.

    (I confess, that was originally my Dad's line, but I've adopted it.)
  • The chocolate was melted so it had to be hot. I hate being burned, so that is what got me. If I die from chocolate, I want it to be from over-eating it, NOT drowning in it. :angel:

    After the story were many posts from readers, some were filled with terrible jokes. I hate that I laughed at so many of them. :ball and chain:
  • fighting knife in hand..... eye to eye with a grizzly bear.....This would be a good death.
  • Who says anyone has to go? By the way, does anyone know if that baseball player, I think it was Ted Williams, maybe, is still in the freezer?
  • Heart attack from hitting a hole in one with all my golf buddies watching. They would not only get to witness my ace but they would have to drag me with them for the rest of the round. I win on both counts.
  • Exactly what is the point of golf anyway? If you want to take a walk, then take a walk.
  • [QUOTE=Sharon McKnight SPHR;716861]Exactly what is the point of golf anyway? If you want to take a walk, then take a walk.[/QUOTE]

    It's taking a walk while playing around. There is too much flat direction in a walk. This way you have to chase your ball here and there while trying to dodge the balls that come your way. A couple of weeks ago my ball hit the side of the cart path and went backwards quite some ways. Now THAT was exciting! :D
  • I played golf in my distant past and the most enjoyable part for me was driving the cart and laughing hysterically at my wild shots... much like when I shoot pool now; much to my partner's chagrin!
  • I would think a cart would be unnecessary for shooting pool. How wild are your shots?
  • ...and...why would you want to shoot a pool? Does the water offend you?
  • [quote=Paul in Cannon Beach;716892]I would think a cart would be unnecessary for shooting pool. How wild are your shots?[/quote]

    Smart aleck :mad:
    Actually I have found a cart quite helpful when I 'run the table'. My shots aren't too wild since I haven't killed anyone with a stray ball, yet - but that day could be fast approaching ;)
    When we last played we won 4 out of 5 games, and when we lost you would have thought the world had ended. Stomping of feet over a missed shot, etc. And my partner behaved badly as well!
  • And would you shoot a baby pool? That seems even more cruel.
  • [quote=NaeNae55;716897]...and...why would you want to shoot a pool? Does the water offend you?[/quote]

    My filter's pump is broken (waiting on a part) so the water is now stagnant and green (highly offensive). Not only that but the frogs who have taken up residence in my pool are almost the same size as my dog! It is quite possible that I may have to start shooting at the pool soon...:D
  • Here is how I almost went.

    The other day I was shooting cans with my high power pellet gun (this is amazing stress relief if you haven't tried it). I thought it would be fun to shoot a golf ball: small bright target.

    I didnt realize how resiliant your ordinary golf ball is. The pellet (flying at 1100 feet per second) hit the golf ball and came right back at me. I heard it go over my head. I checked the golf ball and there wasn't the slightest SCUFF on it. Keep in mind these pellets can shoot through 1/2 inch plywood.
  • And where did the ball land? Or should I ask - what property damage were you responsible for?

    You are scarier than Gerald Ford!
  • The ball didnt go anywhere. It was the pellet that rebounded back towards me. Last I saw it, it was headed north.
  • My mistake!

    So someone somewhere in Washington State is wondering just how the heck that pellet got lodged in their skull?

    My niece was shot in the scalp with a BB gun - the BB got lodged in there and had to be removed at the ER, left a little scar. I can't say I blame the boy who took aim and fired at her, she is even snarkier than I am!
  • Remember the case a few years ago where the woman was shot dead in a crowd while sitting in a yard chair waiting for 4th of July fireworks? She was shot by some guys 2 blocks away doing target practice with a small handgun. Just goes to show the force used to expel a bullet (or pellet).

    Golf balls have to be hard. Remember that people are hitting them with titanium and they they have to bounce off trees, concrete paths, and who knows what all. Still, I had no idea they were that hard. I will show them a little more respect just before I whack 'em with my clubs.
  • I think the pellet sailed by us in Vancouver WA headed for Seattle where it will finally land in somebody's "one on every corner" Starbucks coffee container.
  • Wait a minute, maybe that pellet was what I heard hit the side of our truck the other day....the only reason it didn't leave a dent was because it had lost so much velocity traveling north from Oregon to S.E. Alaska!
  • You can't pin that on me. I did have a rock shoot out of my lawnmower once and put a nice dent in my neighbors new truck. Its going to be a funny story someday.
  • Hubby got hit in the foot with a rock out of a lawn mower once (now, I do the mowing). He called me at work to tell me he thought his toe was broken. I went home and took him in. The doctor showed us the x-ray. He shattered the tip of his toe and broke the two next to it (the x-ray looked like something out of star wars). The long toe is no longer long.

    I can't remember if that was the year before, or the year after, he burned his hand badly by grabbing the manifold of a chain saw. Of course, that was the same chain saw that nicked the top of his head on the 4th of July a couple of years ago. Did I mention the stitches in his hand when he tried to replace our toilet (all done around that time)? Last year I had him in emergency when he fell out of a 1st floor window into a wrought iron fence and had to have 20+ stitches around his eye. He has been doing very good lately though. We haven't been to the emergency room in over a year. I think he has learned the power of focus.
  • I hope he is heavily insured.
  • I have given him the 'you must stay focused on the task at hand' speech enough that I think it has finally sunk in. He has worked on several properties in the last year and hasn't been seriously hurt on any of them. It has also been awhile since he bonked his head getting into the car. Yep, I think I finally got through to him. ;)
  • Hey Nae, how have you kept him from injuring himself on farmtown?O:)
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