I heard on the news this a.m. that there will be 3 tribes in the all star survivor. (18 people) It will be in Panama and Richard Hatch and Ruppert were the 2 names they threw out as participating.


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  • I can't wait! Its going to start right after the Superbowl.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-12-04 AT 11:27AM (CST)[/font][br][br]I would like to see Rudy come back, from the first Survivor. Richard Hatch I can do without.

    edit edit! I see the website is already up . . . [url][/url]

  • Looks like Rudy is in. .I can do without Hatch too. Actually, was not planning to watch, but it does look like a pretty interesting group. . and Jon is not there so that would be a good thing!
  • OK, I will chime in again for a Survivor thread, but I will not check the Notify box. The gong show from the last thread was driving me nuts. Some might say that would be a short drive, but that's another thread.

    I think putting Richard Hatch and Rupert in the same tribe would be quite entertaining. And even though I successfully broke my Survivor addiction by missing 2 or 3 of the episodes last time, I know I can start watching again and not get re-hooked. Right?
  • Saw the teams listed in TV Guide yesterday. I thought for sure Jon would be playing--he made some type of under-the-breath comment during the reunion show about the All-Star games. Did anyone else catch that?

    The TV Guide also listed each participants odds. Rudy's was 1-2! Isn't that a bit backwards?? Is he that bad?

    I'm psyched for the season!!
  • I must be missing something. I haven't watched any of the Survivor seasons, yet everyone I know watches it, talks about it, relives it, yada yada yada.

    What is the big attraction? Will someone please 'splain this to me? (Hopefully this last sentence will not offend Rickyricardo-Americans)

    Reading through the thread I might as well be reading about the lineup for Tasmanian world-match badminton??? x:-/
  • I'm right with you Parabeagle. I really can't understand what someone sees in a bunch of 1/2 or 3/4 naked people running around eating bugs and roots and attempting to perform unrealistic tasks and probably if the real truth was known, it is all staged. Just my humble opinion!!!!!

    And my feelings are the same for all the so-called reality shows such as Bachelor - Bachelorette - Joe Millionaire..........and all those I have chosen to forget.

    Bring back Lucy and Ricky, Andy and Barney, throw in some Gunsmoke and Roy Rogers, add a little Sky King and Fury on Saturday morning and top it off with Mission Impossible and just a touch of Archie Bunker.
  • Having watched every episode of every season of Survivor, I will take a shot at trying to explain its appeal.

    For one, its interesting watching people survive in remote and exotic settings although I wish they would show more of that. Secondly, when they do a good job of picking the survivors, you see an interesting cross section of our society. Its a microcosm of reality.

    Next, its human nature to identify with some of the Survivors and get attached to them. You want the good guy to win and the bad guy to get whats coming to him (that doesn't always happen).

    Finally, its a fun show to watch or discuss with a group. For several years, Thursday night has been "Survivor Night" in our home with 8-16 people coming over to watch the show, cheer for our favorites, and discuss the strategies.

    This past year, a friend of mine who has always mocked my Survivor habit finally watched an episode. He was hooked and hasnt missed an episode since. Its just a great show.

    Watch the first three episodes of this next season and see if don't agree.

  • Gosh Yes. Don't know why I forgot that one.
  • Its entertaining. (as is your non-offense statement x:7 ).
  • Beagle, Paul did great splainin' the draw of the show.
    I'll just add that Survivor gives a great example of how different people act and react in a group setting. I used to be a Sociology major and I always enjoyed watching people and studying groups. On this show you'll see the nicest people turn into scoundrels and you see how politics and alliances can change the course of the show.
    Like Paul said you root for the good guys and hope the bad guys get what they deserve.

    This is going to be a great season because it will be a great mix of good guys(Ethan, Rupert), bad guys (Richard), characters (Rudy) and other interesting people.
    Watch a couple of episodes and you'll soon see the light.
  • Wow. Thanks for the insight. Just had this visualization of all the Forumaniacs on the calendar wearing billowy black robes and beckoning me, saying "C'mon, Beagle. Come to the dark side." x;-)
  • No one, rad... I'm psychic. x;-)

    But don't worry - you weren't in the daydream because you never posted a picture... you're safe.
  • Perhaps this is a silly point to belabor but let me just say that all reality shows are not the same just like all comedies or dramas are not the same.

    Some are classy, interesting, well designed, and have interesting personalities. Others are boring, exploitive, immature, and humorless.

    Since reality shows are cheap to produce and often earn good ratings, there is a glut of them. Some are good and many are trashy.

    Survivor and the Simpsons are two of the most misunderstood shows on TV.
  • I heard the remark Jon made about the upcoming Survivor prior to them announcing who would be on it. I wonder if that got him thrown off the lineup. I sure hope so!!!!
  • Love the Simpsons...interesting story on ABC news last night about the Simpsons and religion...did you catch it?
  • RAD,

    No, I missed the story on ABC. I have read a couple articles about the Simpsons and religion. I have always called it the most "Christian" show in prime time.

    I am slowly becoming Ned Flanders.
  • The Simpsons is one of my favorites of all time. And it's very misunderstood. And many of the themes are centered on religion.

    I have a book called "The Gospel According to the Simpson's" that discusses this in detail.

    I wish I would have seen the news story. D'oh!
  • Homer's my man! I love that guy! (er, rather, that cartoon character x;-))
  • I have a friend whose son looks like Ethan. She is swearing to watch Survivor for that reason. We are hoping he wins this time!
  • I saw a list of the all stars, but nothing about who's on what team. Was that announced somewhere or do we have to wait to the first episode.
    I have to confess that until I get my Survivor fix, I am substituting with "The Apprentice".. anyone watching this? I was totally against it until a friend convinced me to watch.. now.. I am hooked.... It's no Survivor, but it is at least, tiding me over....
  • They had the team members in my paper the other day. Maybe they are on the website now.

    I confess I've been watching the Apprentice also. I'm going to start firing people the way Trump does it- just point to them and say "You're fired."

    And please someone tell me how Sam wasn't fired after falling asleep on the job, on the floor even!

    We might need to start a new thread just for the Apprentice.
  • here is my theory on Sam: at the end of the first Apprentice, there was a 'disclaimer' that the producers 'consult' with Trump about his firing decisions. I think Mark Burnett convinced Trump to keep Sam for viewing audience. They want a 'character' and he is IT.
  • So it is fixed! That makes me like it a little less now.
    I'll probably still watch it just to stare at Trump's hair. There's something about it that is just hypnotic. I'm just waiting for it to crawl off of his head.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-17-04 AT 10:48AM (CST)[/font][br][br][font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-17-04 AT 10:47 AM (CST)[/font]

    For a man with all that money he should hire a style consultant.
    I agree that they are keeping Sam for the drama, but it was wrong of the project manager to not meet with the Company's owners before creating an ad campaign for them.x#o
    I saw a VH1 special the other day debunking the reality shows. Sorry for you Survivor fans but they even went so far as admitting to using body doubles for repeat shots.
    But I am a fan of the Apprentice. They are just so ridiculous. Did you notice how quickly Kamora pulled the race card?
    I can't get the D'oh emoticon to work for the life of me!!!!!!!!
  • I never comment on the threads about reality shows because I don't watch them. I'm all for you getting what you can from those shows, whatever it is. But, I think it's like reading a book; if the book doesn't either educate you, validate you or motivate you, it has been a diversionary waste of time to read it and the world has continued to spin and I've missed news on Fox in the meantime. Unless what you needed was a forced escape from reality. I remember drinking wine and watching Royal Canadian Mounted Police cartoons in college. It allowed me to momentarily escape the real world, which I just knew at the time MUST be important, therefore I did it. But with the reality show thing, I just can't grasp it, I reckon. It's not real; why would I pretend it is. Meanwhile, I'll watch the Food Network and learn to cook something I've never imagined I could cook. Or I'll watch a Democrat from Massachusetts on C-Span and try to understand and accept him. I'm not criticizing you guys by any means, just telling you I don't understand you. Maybe Popeye and I should go out and rent some discount Lone Ranger, Randolph Scott and Sky King videos...........if any were ever made. Of course, those weren't 'reality' either; but, the difference is, we thought at the time they might be. Sorry for the interruption; carry on. x:-)
  • Don, thanks for the comments. I know your ultimate goal was getting in on the posts just once so you'd get future messages and be kept up to date on the latest Survivor episode. It's okay. A closet Survivor fan is always welcome.
  • Don D, I am a food TV ADDICT!!!!!
    I did post somewhere in the middle of the last survivor thread that I did not get the appeal of survivor or other reality shows at all! But my SO wanted to watch the Apprentice even though he holds my views on reality tv in general and I joined him to be companionable. Thus, I fell under it's spell. I know it is not reality, so I don't look at it as that. I look at it as a comedy that makes me laugh my head off! I can always use a good laugh!
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