Poll-what do your employees pay for health insurance?

What do your employees pay for health insurance? If your employees pay a flat percentage, please state the percentage.

We are going to ask our employees to start paying 20% of the premium, regardless of who is covered (single, family, ee + spouse , ee + children). I wanted to make sure this is fairly normal. We have a pretty good plan-no deductible, low copays, prescription coverage.



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  • Our total tab per EE per month is about $370 for medical and dental and we contribute $285 per mo (around 22%). Employee pays for any STD or LTD or life out of their own pocket - by comparison, your scheme seems pretty generous.
  • Our employees pay
    $60/month single, which is 18.5%;
    and $378/month family, which is 40.5%.

    I agree that payment of 20% regardless of coverage sounds great for the employees. I wish we could offer that.
  • Our employees pay $43.90 for single coverage (16%) and $197.41 for family coverage (27%). We provide at no premium cost to employees, dental, vision, and STD.

    Your plan sounds very generous.
  • Health Insurance isn't our strong benefit... we just can't get it down to a reasonable price to offer to our employees without breaking the bank.

    Currently (well until May 1 when our rates go up 15.8% and we dissolve our group) a single policy is $583.42!!! And you don't even want to know what the other plans cost..(more than double for a ee & spouse).

    That said we paid $300 towards that so EE's were still paying $283.42 for not so good insurance.

    Iowa recently started a comprehensive plan that all our ee's were eligible for and in 90% of the cases saved the employees money. BUT the only way that they were eligible was for us to dissolve the plan completely and offer nothing.
  • We pay the EEs health insurance 100%. The EE must pay for any dependent coverage. The EE has an option to elect dental and vision at his/her expense.
  • We pay 100% of ee coverage and most of the dep coverage. The ee's pay 8% of their dependant coverage.
  • We pay 100% of employee medical/dental/ltd. The employee is 100% responsible for their dependents. This will change with our next renewal due to the costs.
  • We pay 100% of our employees medical, prescription, dental, vision, life, ad&d and disability coverage. Employees pay 100% of any dependent coverage. We also have available supplimental insurance payable by the employee.
    Our costs per employee vary depending on whether or not the employee selects the HMO or the PPO (we allow either) and their salary and age for the life insurance and disability. We are paying between $400-$500 per employee per month.
  • I think our company is probably on the generous side for a small (50 employees) non profit organization in Kansas.

    We provide 90% employee, and 70% dependents. It's a good plan (Blue Cross) at $200 deductible and 100% coverage for preventative stuff. Dental included. No vision. The complany picks up the whole bill for short term disability, long term disability, and life.
  • We pay 100% for medical/dental/std/ltd. The ee picks up 50% of the cost for medical and 100% for dental for dependents.

  • I'm sorry, I wanted to also ask you - What are your copays?

  • We pay 90% of EE health, 80% of EE dental; 50% of family health, and 40% of family dental. The numbers:
    EE Only health - EE pays $14 ppp (every 2 wks), we pay $125
    Family - EE pays $162 ppp, we pay $273.

    Dental is cheap - EE only for them is $2 ppp and about $16 for family ppp.

    We do not have vision, but pay 100% of STD, LTD and life insurance policies.
  • We pay 100 percent of EE individual health policy. The employee pays 100 percent of dependent coverage. EE also pays 100 percent of dental coverage.
  • Employees pay 10% of the premium for their own coverage and 50% of dependents' coverage, on health. Dental is 50% for both EE and dependent. Vision is included in heath premium. We pay at no cost to employee short term disability (60% benefit) and a $20K group term life policy, and EE can elect to purchase additional life coverage.

    At least in Missouri, if the employee has to pay any part of a premium, the coverage is considered contributory and therefore voluntary; an employee can elect not to participate. However, under our health insurer's plan, the EE must prove coverage elsewhere. This requirement is for employees only, not dependents.

  • Our full-time ee's pay nothing for employee-only health coverage and 50% of the coverage for dependents. They pay 100% for all of the "optional coverages" (dental, term life, dependent life, AD&D, STD, LTD).
  • Jerzal,

    Welcome to the post! This is exactly what we do. We pay 80% of the premium on:

    EE Only-------------$209.71
    EE + Child(ren)-----$359.34
    EE + Spouse---------$440.45

    The plan is a no-deductible, $10 office visit, $150 in-patient, $10/20/30 Rx plan. It's actually pretty rich.

    I hope this helps.

  • Wow - that is Rich! I thought we had a good deal/rate. Our EO coverage is $293/ee, but that includes STD and term life, and it has no deductible, $15 office copay ($30 specialist), $100 inpatient and a $8/20/35 Rx.

    How large is your group? Is that an HMO, and if so, how much more are the PPO rates? (In Missouri, if you offer an HMO you also have to offer a PPO option which usually comes with a higher price tag.)

  • About 950 lives. It is a POS plan (with a PCP). We're not mandated in TN to offer a PPO product, YIKES! However, when our broker shopped this last year I believe PPO was about 8% more.

  • We pay 100% of employee medical/dental/ltd./$15,000 life. The employee pays 16 - 23% for dependent coverage (depending on the plan). Employees can elect to purchase additional group term life and STD.
  • We offer both HMO & PPO plans.
    We cover 90% HMO medical for ee coverage if they elect PPO they pay the difference.
    We cover 100% HMO-type dental for ee they pay upgrade to PPO-type dental plan.

    EE pay 100% dependent cost.
    ER pays 100% life/ad&d for ee 30,000/each

    Vision is self funded for ee with reimbursement plan of $45 for eye exams every year &
    175 for glasses every 2 yrs, 200 for contacts every 2 yrs.

    ER cost per mth per ee is approx 250.00
    EE only HMO coverage cost is approx 24.00 per mth
  • We are a small public elementary school. Our teachers and unaffiliated personnel pay 12.5% of the premium (13% 7/1/05). The non-certified personnel (aides, bus drivers, custodians, etc.) pay 15%. The deduction is pre-tax (including FICA and Medicare) under a Section 125 plan.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi!


    What are the copay amounts?

  • Our company pays 50% of health for both family and individual coverage; 100% of a $25,000 life and add group policy; employee pays 100% of dental and any Aflac policy they chose from the ones offered. We are small - less than 50 employees. Kathy
  • Employee pays 33% of premium - company pays 66% of premium for health insurance regardless of number of family members covered.

    Company 100% of premium for Life (4x ee annual salary), ADD, & LTD

    We don't offer dental or vision but have Flex Med and Dependant Care options available at 100% ee contribution on the cafeteria plan.
  • Our company pays 100% of the premiums for health, Rx, dental and vision for the employees and their dependents.
  • Our company pays 65% of single, limited family or full family. This includes short term disability and life.
  • OK hold on to your hats. We pay 97% of the medical premium for the ee AND their eligible dependents and we pay 100% of dental for the ee AND their eligible dependents!
  • You have an excellent plan, and your employees should certainly not mind paying 20% of their coverage. I thought we had a fairly good plan, and we do for our market. We pay only 90% of ee's coverage. The ee is responsible for 10% of their coverage, and 100% of any dependent coverage. This has $1000 deductible, $10 co-pay for Dr. visits, $12, $25, and 30% co-pay on prescriptions.

  • We have premium sharing. Employee pays 10% of employee only coverage, 20% of employee/children, 30% of employee/spouse, or 40% of family coverage. We pay short term and long term disability, life insurance and retirement. They pay supplemental life if they want it.

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