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  • I agree  that you should try contacting other HR professionals in the the same sector as you.  If that doesn't work another thing you can try to do is ask people you know who may work or have worked for other similar companies to see what they say. …
  • Personally, I see a long uphill battle on this one.  CEO's like to save money.  The best way to make this change happen is show your CEO how you can save the company money.   Before you go down this road, I would strongly encourage you to think thin…
  • Hire year is graded based upon month of hire. 1 - 2 years - 15 days 2+ - 5 years - 20 days 5+ years = 25 days This is all put in the paid leave bucket.
  • Our employees were pleased when we did this as well.  Very few used their sick days so now they feel like they get more time off.  In addition, it's much easier to track in payroll.
  • I work for a financial investment firm, and our building management company offers free concierge service, but very few of our employees use it.  The ones that do use it only use it to order food for internal meetings.  If we did have to pay for it …
  • How things are handled will depend heavily on the acquisition terms.  If they are looking at it as though your firm ends and everyone is terminated and then rehired, then I would say yes, everyone will need to complete all new paperwork.  Your legal…
  • I agree with HRDIR1, just ignore it.  It's of no relevance.
  • One of my favorite questions to ask is "How have you improved your current/past position?" This tells me a lot about a person's initiative.