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  • I believe you are correct.  The qualifying event was loss of coverage in August.  Unless she opted for COBRA and is now a FT student, then she wouldn't be eligible excpet during an open enrollment period.  You should check with your carrier, though,…
  • 1. No.  We have less than 5% of 400 ees out at any given time. 2. Yes. 3. We allow unpaid leave of absence for up to 4 weeks with Manager approval.  Employee pays for benefits during that time.  
  • I don't see why not as long as you're clear that they are not an employee.
  • If the I-9 is properly filled out, you should not need to request the employee to fill out another one as long as they are still employed with you.  If they leave and come back at a later date, you should then have them fill out a new one.
  • I have been searching and searching.  Do you know where I can get a list of those states requiring safety manuals/plans?
  • Thank you. This occurred in our MN location, and OSHA asked them for a safety manual otherwise they will receive a citation.  I thought it was a bizarre request.
  • Are you making only exempt employees go to a 4-day week?  Is this voluntary?  You need to see if you are getting into any discriminatory actions by doing this.  Is any particular group more affected than any other?  You cannot tell exempt employees …
  • HRforMe posted this on Jan 9 in response to the "Layoff-Round 2" post in the "Performance & Termination" section, and I thought it was especially well put and easy to understand. "If you do the reduction in time/pay to exempt employees, you need…
  • [quote user="HRforME"]   We also largely reduced benefits and stopped our 401k match.  [/quote] We are considering stopping our 401K match.  What kind of messaging did you send out regarding this?  We have been struggling with how best to explain …
  • We used to use Survey Monkey, and it worked fine for basic surveys of our employees, but we switched to Zoomerang about 18 months ago as it has a much more robust analytics and reporting function and is able to handle large amounts of responses.
  • You must offer them COBRA.  You are able to discontinue their insurance on their last day, but can choose to continue their benefits for as long as you wish as a form of severance (you should state that continuation in your separation agreements).
  • I found this link that may be helpful.  http://hr.blr.com/timesavers.aspx?id=2279  
  • CA I know does not allow use or lose - they must be able to carry over a certain number of days.  You will need to check your specific state laws.  In all other states in which we have employees (NY, OR, NM, UT, MA, MN, FL, MS, VA, MD, NH, NV) any u…
  • You are correct.  The wife may use sick days upon giving birth because it is she who is in the hospital and has just undergone a major health event, and sick days need to be exhausted before STD kicks in.  I would not count her husband/partner as el…
  • I think pay freezes are preferable to layoffs - especially when it will be very difficult for those laid off to find new jobs.  People, if informed well, understand economic issues and will understand if they are not going to get pay increases this …
  • We do not provide cell phones to employees for precisely that reason.  They receive $50 per month toward their plans and are allowed to expense business usage.
  • All we had to do was add in the bit about military family leave.
  • We have used Group Dynamic, Inc. for 2 years now, and our employees have been quite pleased with them. Their website is www.gdynamic.com.
  • We just had 3 women out on MA Maternity leave. It begins the moment the woman gives birth.  If they go on bedrest or have any other complications prior, they would be covered by disability and FMLA.
  • Since a bonus is discretionary, you may give whatever you'd like.  I say you pick an amount (% of fixed) that seems reasonable to your company and calculate it that way.
  • For short-term disability.  To determine if they receive 6 weeks or 8 weeks.
  • We have the employee fill out a "Request for Leave" form with an estimate of when/how long they will be out.  Once the woman gives birth, they call HR and have their OB fax in a certification with the date the employee gave birth and whether it was …
  • Yes. It is possible.  We do electronic applications.  You just need to retain them the same amount of time you would paper ones as dictated by your state.
  • We do not do COL increases.
  • All of our documentation - offer letters, handbook, policies - clearly state at-will.  We have no progressive discipline policy.  We recently acquired this company, and so have never had an office in MS.  This is the first time anyone has ever said …
  • I would contact your corporate counsel before you do anything.  The last thing you want is to set yourself up for a lost wages claim. Since it is already 10/20 and you're talking about a matter of days, this isn't about needing someone to start earl…
  • Since you are not dispensing advice, but only passing on information, you should be fine.  See if your 401(k) provider has any info.  They are usually happy to come in and give a talk or diseminate information whenever you need them to do so.
  • It's just something that our IT dept came up with. It is just a really simple thing, but seems to do the trick.  Before that, we had people fill out a time off request form.  The online thing is just a digitzed version really of the info on the form.
  • We have a simple in-house, online system where employees choose the type of absence (personal, vacation, sick, jury duty, etc) from a drop-down menu, input the date and reason for the absence.  This works well for us and provides back-up in case any…
  • I am really sorry you have that situation.  It is incredibly hard watching someone self-destruct in front of your eyes no matter wht type of employee they may be.  Since you witnessed the purging first-hand, perhaps I would place an EAP pamphlet on…