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  • We removed the SSN and DOB information from our applications years ago specifically to avoid issues with identity theft. We now obtain that only upon hire.
  • We have separate vacation and sick banks. We allow employees to use sick leave to care for qualifying family members (parents, step-parents, siblings, and children, among others). We would definitely allow an employee to use sick leave to care for …
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  • [QUOTE=Wendi Watts;721292] I make most of my Christmas presents and I really enjoy that - although 3 were not done in time and people got boxes with supplies and an IOU they had to hand back so I could finish it. [/QUOTE] On behalf of your gift r…
  • This gave me a much needed laugh!
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  • Does your state law have any provision for this? Here in Oregon, state law provides for family and medical leave for the serious health condition of a child of any age, including an adult without impairment.
  • 8 hrs per month/12 days per year for all regular-status employees. Can use while on Trial Service. No cap on accrual, carries over for duration of employment, but not paid out at termination of employment.
  • I vote for the "easy and humane" way on this one. What a tracking nightmare to say...okay, it took 2-1/2 hours to find the child, so we won't count that as FMLA/OFLA. But employee then spent 3 hours comforting the child, so that does count. I woul…