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  • Isn't that in effect changing the terms and conditions of their employment? The original agreement was for three counties, now you are changing it to unlimited counties? I don't think I would sign that either. Was there any kind of negotiation offer…
  • Once an employee tells you they are going to be leaving, allowing them to continue to work is at your discretion. They, in effect, have severed the employer/employee link, keeping them on is your call. If they are a dud, it's best say "Okay, make i…
  • I suggest you call the Wage and Hour Division in your state and anonymously pose the question to them. They will respond and say "No, you cannot do that". Then you can go back to your management and let them know you posed the question ANONYMOUSL…
  • Ask your management if they want to sit in your desk from now on and answer all those requests you get for exceptions to all the policies? Just say "NO!!!!"
  • Preider: You need to ask your OSHA guy to see his validation - in writing. I have never heard of OSHA getting involved in safety incentive plans, that's a new one.. We pay a .5% bonus on all wages for any month the plants meet their goals, split…