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  • Thanks so much for all your input. I always learn so much when I post a question to the Forum. This info will help a lot!
  • We also stopped doing incentives for perfect attendance because we found that employees would come to work sick or with health problems that should really stay at home.
  • Thank you both for you information. I will be doing my own on-line and I like the idea of adding it to the back of the application. I already have a statement there, just looks like it could be expanded. I appreciate your help!
  • True. I guess I figured that was the bottom line: outside of work therefore not governable by employer. It just created a bit of stress for ee C including having an ex-wife now know where she is employed, etc. As an org, we really try to protect our…
  • I think you point is a good one - the men, however, work in separate centers. They are mearly seeking - the best of my knowledge - the opportunity to a) fly fish in the pm, and b) be with their school-aged child in the pm. I do think it is always so…
  • I appreciate all the input. The employee was made aware the reasons for her termination. She is even aware of several other employees who were present at the time of her unprofessional conduct. Two of the five employees present gave written statemen…
  • I actually understood that, although "confirmation" is an interesting twist. Thanks for your feedback, and I will be much more firm in not letting my initial notes out the door next time. There was nothing in them that will not be "confirmed" by wit…
  • Okay, that's what I thought. I love having this resource. You are all so very helpful to someone learning the ropes. Thanks.
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  • I didn't realize that I-9s have an expiration date. Can you tell me how long they are good for. I thought they were updated only when an ee changed name, employment status, etc.
    in More I-9 Comment by birdgirl July 2003
  • Thanks so much for the input. I hadn't even begun to worry about the blue ink/blank ink does it ever end?!#o
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