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  • Please include me. [email][/email] Thanks!
  • Thanks! I figured that’s what I had to do since he did technically qualify for benefits and he was quick to fill out the enrollment forms. I was just hoping there was a way to avoid all the extra paperwork for an employee that clearly wasn’t w…
  • In order to avoid claims of "unpaid wages" I was wondering if severance pay would be protected by all the same laws as regular wages. If it is not, then would it be safe to deduct the amount owed from the severance? From what I've read about severa…
  • We have all employees sign a Section 125 Election to Participate form. The employee in question hadn't signed one for 2006 but he did sign on 11/27/2006 electing to participate in the 2007 plan year. The form states that the employee authorizes th…
  • Since I wasn't getting much of a response on the forum, I bit the bullet and called our legal counsel. (Can't wait to get the bill ) Legally, employers cannot retroactively designate a leave as FML. He has advised to send the letter to the employ…
  • We are the employer and plan administrator. We use a system called COBRA OnQue to help us manage all notifications and forms associated with COBRA. The system creates the notifications and lets us know when we need to send the forms. Here is an e…
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  • Thank you all for your help. I have spoken to the manager and asked him to make sure the EE takes a minimum of 5 consecutive days off.
  • His manager also suggested we "force" him to use his PTO but we weren't sure if there were any laws against that.
  • Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a questionnaire.
  • Thanks! I thought I was right but I must admit this guy made me think twice. I'm not discriminating against a protected class, we just want you to reside in your assigned territory. Well, I'll have to call the paper. It's the biggest paper in Ch…
  • Thanks for your suggestions. I just knew there had to be free stuff out there but every time I ran a search I found so many websites trying to sell something.