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  • Fortunately at home I have a dial up connection, so I'm accustomed to slow.... But you're right. If I try to log on first thing in the morning when I get to the office, the application times out because it takes sooooo loooong to looaaadd. So, I …
  • Kathy, did your supervisor grin or snicker when she gave you this assignment? You are now about to moderate one of the rowdiest groups of people you have ever e-met. I'd tell you who to beware of, but I'll let you form your own opinions. As long …
  • Even though the mosquitos are as big as Chevys and never leave with less than a pint?
  • In Forumland, we like to think of these little sidetrips as mini-cybervacations. x:-)
  • Glad you qualified your answer, James - I would have had to say something snide, otherwise. x;-)
  • James, you could probably trace the drop in participation to the fact that your accounting dept. stopped processing the attorneys' invoices. Everytime they answered a question, they fired off a bill for a "consultation." x;-)
  • Since I'm the kinder, gentler, noncontroversial version of Parabeagle, I'm guessing I'd get lots of cake, right Christy? x;-)
  • My biggest concern is that I didn't see any recipes among the finalists for deep-fried turkeys. Otherwise, I'm sure Don would have been in there. Enter the contest next time, will you, Don? The Southern Living cookoff should have at LEAST five of…
  • You want to buy one of mine, Don? It's an old, short, pocket-sized model. Came in a box of "C" rations from 1975. Has "Property of US Govt" engraved on it. I wore it on the same chain as my dog tags. x:-)
  • Getting the impression, Gene, that the only reason you're in HR is because you can't mix drinks and you can't cook... am I wrong? x;-)
  • Do NOT use your Mattel Vac-U-Form to fry bologna for bologna sandwiches; all your fried bologna sandwiches will smell like plastic, and your Vac-U-Form cars will smell like bologna. Furthermore, Do NOT sell said fried bologna sandwiches to the n…
  • I like this one: Take three $1 bills, 1 nickel, 4 pennies, 3 dimes; Fold money together and place in pocket; Drive to nearest Safeway; Proceed to in-store bakery; Pick up one angel food cake (check date to make sure it's fresh) Proceed to cash regi…
  • What a great story! People in the office next to mine popped their heads in to find out what in the heck I was snorting about (trying to stifle a laugh, it came out a snort - hope they don't think I'm doing cocaine or something in here). Thanks fo…
  • Maybe.... x;-) I could have said Jackson
  • Sounds great, Judy - especially for a vegetarian like me. I'd probably lose the zucchini and the capers/olives, but everything else sounds great. Australian wine??? Isn't that sort of like drinking champagne from Newark? x:-)
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-14-05 AT 10:49AM (CST)[/font][br][br]'cause I generally try to be careful not to put toxic substances in my body. x;-) edit: And I guess I'm just naturally suspicious of any "meal" that comes packag…
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-14-05 AT 09:46AM (CST)[/font][br][br]I did stumble across the frozen grilled cheese sandwiches at the grocery a few weeks back and bought some. Very, very, VERY nasty! The PBJ's are all right, thoug…
  • Anyone know the best way to freeze a grilled cheese sandwich? I often have tomato soup for lunch at my desk (I work too hard to leave for a proper lunch x;-)), but would like to be able to nuke a grilled cheese to go with it.
  • Nah, they come in little hard squares that can be used as a doorstop and also have an insulating R factor of 348. When you boil them for three minutes, they plump up and you add parmesan cheese (or at least I do).
  • I'm with you, Judy. Waiting takes time and time is money! Not to plug a product, but I just LOVE Stouffer's frozen mac & cheese. Very close to homemade - much more so than the blue box stuff.
  • As an Oregonian, I would have responded indignantly that this is simply not true. However, I was off on an avacado drunk, so I haven't been around.
  • Hey, Shadowfax, this sounds great. Can you sub onion flakes or powder for the onions? I don't like cooked onions. If so, how much onion powder do you use to equate the 7-8 green onions?
  • Actually thought of trying this recipe 'cause I didn't have much to do this weekend, but I was going to forego the spinach and just fill them with ricotta cheese (sort of like mini-manicotti). In the end, I settled for a can of Chef Boyardee instea…
  • #-o I knew you couldn't pass that up, Don!
  • Think rum. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. x;-)
  • Never had the pleasure, Irene - but I will now that you've mentioned it. As for being in a strange part of town, most parts of Portland are strange (except where I live, of course).
  • We purchased a set of Calphalon (sp) cookware for one of our GMs who just got married. To hear her gush her gratitude to us for gifting her with them, I think she'd probably work for us salary-free for the rest of her life... hey, that's not a bad …
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-27-05 AT 11:54PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Whirlwind, I commend you on your command of PNW pronunciation! Why are you a Texan when you could easily be from Oregon (as in, "Orygun). Peter Jennings finally …
  • Jeez, Ray. I'm surprised you haven't tried to blame it on me - the so-called Evil Twin. But then, I would never be dumb enough to stand up two women. x;-)
  • I'm worried. She hasn't checked in for awhile and, moreover, she hasn't upbraided me relentlessly since the last time I (allegedly) contradicted some of Don's views/premises/facts/evidence/arguments/yadda Has she become a tropical storm or a hurri…