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  • Okay, a clear, true red bottle is my quest. I know the perfect place to look, and I'll get on it this weekend.
  • Don, I thought Dos Equis was everywhere by now, but if you are really and TRULY serious that you cannot get it in Mississippi, I will be glad to try and see what happens when beer is mailed.
  • Sonny and Don, glad y'all enjoyed the soup! Thanks for the reports.
  • My mother used to make fried balogna sandwiches for lunch, but with the following required side dish: a can of shoestring potatoes browned in the skillet in the remaining balogna drippings.Yum! Do they even make those shoestring potatoes anymore?
  • I'm a little skeptical about the unpeeled orange, but I'm DEFINITELY making this for my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner.
  • mdm, I love almonds and want to try this recipe. One question: How finely do the almonds have to be ground? Give me an idea of consistency -- are we talking ground to a powder or still kinda bumpy? Thanks!
  • Gulp, I must confess I haven't had my cholesterol re-checked yet, but I haven't keeled over with a heart attack so I guess that's a good sign. I'm due for a lab appointment in early December, so I'll let you know then.
  • They summarize the dress code as "No full-frontal nudity."
  • I love this! I'd circulate it at my place of employment if I didn't think it would hit a little too close to home in some instances.
  • HGTV, no contest.
  • >You got lots of jewels? If only.
  • >"My husband made an observation that most of their owners or handlers were overweight middle aged women with lots of jewels." Guess that's why I finally had to get out of the dog show world -- I only had one of those three attributes x;-).
  • Above silly plays on words in general? Or Bull Shitzu in particular? x:-/
  • Hang on, I'm checking my spare change.
  • Connecting this post with another thread, I've decided I'm overpaying for pet boarding and will begin to book my dog at the Holiday Inn. Welcome, Ona!
  • I love these! My best friend swears she witnessed the following Q & A in a Miss America pageant of many years ago: Question to one of the finalists: "If you had a time machine and could visit any time period in history, which would it be?" A…
  • Yes, I loved that bit. But - think about it - it might actually be a safer way to drive. Your fellow motorists would certainly give you a wide berth.
  • Hmmm....I wonder what would be the equivalent thing for a woman to whisper. How about: "Could I try this on in a size 8?" Anyway, you didn't get "busted" for the succulent cleavage reference, so count that as a small victory.
  • I don't seem to have attracted the censors' attention yet. Guess the distractions of other, more exciting threads are too overpowering.
  • Roberta, I used to give a presentation on this topic regularly. People really liked it but I got tired of it so I stopped doing it. I still have extensive notes, but unfortunately they're at work and I'm at home (one of the benefits of working in e…
  • You're right, Don. My granmomma did make the best biscuits this side of the Mississippi**. She also drove a T-Bird, dressed like a million bucks, and had the biggest hair in Dallas. **Note that I'm on the other side from you, so I'll leave the bis…
  • I've heard "I swan" all my life, the usual context being something along the lines of "I swan, if that don't beat all!" Or, "I swan, Billy Bob don't have the brains God gave a chicken, bless his heart." I heard a hilarious essay once on All Things C…
  • Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but mine is more along the lines of "ditto" to Ruby and Paul in CB. I got my HR Hero shirt the other day in response to my subscription renewal, and after the comments about the woman on the banner, I'm having…
  • Safety, you done good with Salt Lick. BBQ was an omission in my former post, but I do love it and I love that particular place, though it's quite a jaunt from town. Also, glad you liked the weather. I was afraid you might find it insufferably sticky…
  • I deeply regret that I spotted your post too late to respond before your trip, but in the interest of defending the honor of my hometown (and in case you ever get another chance to visit), here's a very short list of must-eat and must-do in Austin: …
  • I got a dozen yellow roses from one ee and a bouquet of mixed flowers from another. Everyone else - including me - brought food for us all to share for breakfast. We had a feast: breakfast tacos, danish, fruit salad, muffins, and juice. I'm planning…
  • I loved Captain Kangaroo - cut my teeth on Captain K, Mr. Greenjeans, Grandfather Clock and Bunny Rabbit. Also learned to read way before kindgergarten thanks to the way books were read aloud in front of a close-up camera. This was way pre-Sesame St…
  • On an auto parts store near my house: "If it's in stock, we've got it!" On a florist shop's marquis, next to the University when I was in college: "Happy V-D" (it was Feb. 14).
  • I may be dense (I like to begin my posts by calling myself dumb before anyone else does -- a pre-emptive strike, so to speak), but I'm missing what it is your missing. If your question is "Can she return to work?" then I think the answer is yes, be…
  • An osteopath, or D.O., is considered a physician and is interchangeable with an M.D. for every purpose I'm aware of as far as general/family medicine is concerned. My family practice doc is a D.O. and practices alongside M.D.s and does all the same …