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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-16-04 AT 03:36PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Good bye to everyone who will no longer be with us. I feel like I'm leaving family members on some distant island without a cell phone. Take care, I'll miss you al…
  • That does sound good!
  • This past weekend at a Carne Espito fundraiser, someone brought potato salad with crumbled blue cheese mixed in. I love blue cheese, but this was nasty - avoid at all cost.
  • Massachusetts - I have yet to see one in 40(or so) years. But we do have chocolate covered cranberries! Deidre
  • Ummm! That does sound like a tasty treat!!
  • What's a moonpie?
  • I realize I'm late for this one, but, don't ever pour liquid concentrated crab boil on to a very hot cast iron skillet. It took (literally) days to clear out the acid air.
  • Was one mulagatony (phonetically spelled)?
  • My husband found quilted handle covers (he call them by another name - but this is a family show) that have saved my hands uncountable times. I'm trying to find out where he got them.
  • Two small comments - first, if you get a nasty one that's hard to clean, put it in a self cleaning oven (during cleaning cycle). That usually incinerates the crud. Second, the small razors for cleaning paint off trim work really well at getting dail…
  • We like Portuguese sweet bread French toast with butter and maple syrup (although it does put you in a diabetic coma) for breakfast.
  • I looked up a few words in, they don't agree with some pronunciation (ie often does have a "t"). Duck tape is a company name for its duct tape product.
  • Interesting article on concerning criminal checks on evacuees. A few weeks ago, Mass Governor Romney has a check run on the evacuees who came to Mass., those who didn't have ids were fingerprinted. Six were sex offenders and one had an outst…
  • This morning I saw a number of stations at $2.99 - no one seems to want to be the first with $3 - but I'm sure once one does, they all will.
  • I was reminded yesterday that coffee is about $8.36 a gallon (more at Starbucks) but no one complains.
  • It was $2.47 in Taunton Mass last night, could be higher by now.
  • My husband didn't own a tv when I met him - got one only because I couldn't image not having one. When we are home early enough I like to watch national news and jeopardy. The only other show I watch regularly is CSI. When I am home alone, I keep it…
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  • I admit, I do waste time at work. I also do some personal items at work. Additionally, I do work at home, at night and on weekends. I check in daily on vacation, and make it known if someone has a question to call me. I still think (and I think they…
  • Over the weekend, this was the subject of conversation with a handful of us ladies on our way to craft fairs. In true retrospect, this was fifty year ago. In 1950, what would they have looked back on fifty years before - "a good wife gets the wood c…
  • Benjamin Franklin said "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
  • A few months ago, I ran into a young gentleman on a business trip with one of those ear plugs. He was obviously very impressed to be flying on business, etc. If anyone wanted any of his company's secrets, you would have gotten them. Not only did I h…
  • Can you image hiring this child in ten years?
  • I'm boring - my name is Deidre; my employer is the Fall River Five (FR5)
  • Technically, the Pope does not have to change his name, its more of a tradition. Age is often a factor in selecting a new pope; older popes are seen as "transitional" and younger pope may bring longer term stability.
    in New Pope Comment by DeidreFR5 April 2005
  • I thought it was funny. Although I'm better with a 38.
  • The Mad Russian is famous in Mass. I know people who have gone to him for weight loss and smoking; they all swear by him.
  • We have a very old bowling alley in the area; attendent bowling is an age honored tradition to this day.
  • When I was getting my master's degree in Counseling, I had to take a Career Counseling class. The school use to be the State Teacher's College, and teaching is still their main focus. What they told us to do to assist people in finding their true pr…
  • A year and a half ago, I was married in Vegas. I was with my SO at his TruValue conference (good times!). Our last night we went to downtown for the light show. We were getting in a cab back to the hotel, when I was asked if wanted to go home marrie…
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