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  • Thanks Don. Haven't had to face such a choice thus far and hope I don't.
  • Maybe this is a dumb question: but why would you want salaried exempts and non exempts? Seems redundant to me. What is the reasoning behind this differntiation. If a position is salaried non-emexpt, why not just make it hourly? Seems like you would …
  • Hatchetman: Thanks. I thought I was losing it. More confused than normal.
    in Exempt Comment by jampc June 2003
  • in Exempt Comment by jampc June 2003
  • Thanks Brad for the link to the side by side comparison of the existing and propoesd changes. Appreciated.
  • No they are post tax.
  • We also use a payroll deduction procedure for employee contributions to health insurance coverage. First time ever we have had to charge employees. Decreasing budgets and increasing health insurance costs. We have some 30 odd employees, so it should…
  • A follow-up question. How does the interactive process begin with an existing employee. Who must initiate the discussion? Is it the employee or employer's responsibility? Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks Hatchetman. I figured if anyone would reply, you would be the one. Thanks again.
  • So then, if you as the employer pay 100% of the health insurance costs for your employees, then you are required to do so during FMLA leave?
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-18-04 AT 10:11AM (CST)[/font][br][br] Don, can you selectively not insure spouses? For example, can you charge for a spouse that can access coverage as opposed to a spouse who can't? Wouldn't this be …
  • Makes sense. And no I wouldn't expect the employer to pay for FMLA if the employee has exhausted their sick time. It would be treated like LWOP, which we are experiencing at this time with an employee, who by the way we made pay her own insurance. T…
  • Is the EEO-1 Report required to be completed by all employers or only by those businesses that exceed a $ total in federal funds, or have a certain # of employees, or ???? Thanks
    in EEO-1 Report Comment by jampc July 2004
  • I will be interested to see how this is resolved. Bizarre situation.
  • Question: Is the OSHA 300 form only required for employers with a certain # of employess, certain types of occupations, or are all employers required to keep this log? Stupid question I'm sure, but this is one area I have never concerned myself with…
  • Thank you for your input. Makes sense.
  • Linda, I hope you see this, but if at all possible i would also like a copy of the aforementioned HIPAA document, if it is not too much trouble. You can either fax it (406) 452-8382 or mail it: Kairos Youth Services, P.O.Box 3066, Great Falls, Monta…
    in HIPAA Comment by jampc March 2003
  • Thank you to all who have responded thus far. Good food for thought as i continue my decision making. Tends to complicate matters. I am going to go back and look at our specific language re: sick/personal leave before proceeding.