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  • Perhaps I should phrase it more professionally. I have now requested three times for funds to go to the seminar, and three times I have received no response. Sounds like no to me.
  • I feel like a little kid on this one! I keep asking and I keep getting ignored. So, as the date approaches, I have to assume that means no.
  • Absolutely perfect...However I don't know many who would appreciate the technique. I'm so sorry to see many "friends," old and new, leaving. START THE COMPANY!
  • Where is ScorpioHR? I also found HRinNH.
  • safety, I've already sent James an addendum through June 2005 with Human Resources Manager MN, Shadowfax MI, HRQ AZ, and Nicole FL. I think I'm missing Balloonman, and an update on Master Cole. Anyone else? BTW, James, registration for the Las …
  • James, I can't help but wonder what in the heck brought this on. Geez, aren't we all grown up professionals here? Guess not.
  • Rabble rouser.
  • Ritaanz, in response to question one, habit. I do it all the time.
  • okay James, that makes sense. Thanks!
  • I noticed it yesterday and today it's gone. I thought maybe it was just me. Nice to know I'm not alone. x;-)
    in ICQ??? Comment by Leslie January 2004
  • James, there's this calendar, suitable for framing, cheap too....
  • Welcome...and dedicated you must be posting on a Sunday!
    in Hello Comment by Leslie December 2003
  • Paul, one of my sisters gave our mom a stuffed duck for Christmas last year with all these little seasonal outfits. We howeled when she opened it. So I go to her house last Saturday and there the thing is sitting on her mantle dressed like a pilgr…
  • And the download occurred before I timed out. Little victories!
  • I hesitate to respond anymore due to the download times invovled - but I don't want to be perceived as running from the fray x;-). James and Brad, you've allayed many of our concerns. And I do understand the bugs that come from a major technolog…
  • Nice shot. Now was this at the start of the evening or just before the end?!??!! x;-)
  • Nicole, count me among the red X group. When I right clicked on it, in properties there was a web address. I pasted it in, hit go and still couldn't get to the picture.
  • Alright Don, you're making me crazy today. One post is by Don D, the next post is by Don Ds Twin. Are you home or at work!?!?!? Or is there really a twin out there somewhere?
    in Forum Fits Comment by Leslie August 2003
  • Whenever someone says "we" and I know they mean someone other than them (and ususally me!) I ask them if they have a mouse in their pocket. It's not terribly amusing but gets the point across. Thanks James (or we) the two click thing is fixed, at …
    in Forum Fits Comment by Leslie August 2003
  • Whoa...I tried to close the Forum window and it recreated itself about 100 times. I've rebooted and come back, and the two click thing is still going on. Is this a Forum virus?
    in Forum Fits Comment by Leslie August 2003
  • Cole Allen is perfect. Gotta have the Allen though - just Cole leaves him wide open to be the hero in somebody's next romance novel! On second thought, in 20 years, he won't think that's too bad of an idea!
  • Plus, you didn't enter?
  • Swanson broth cans, by the way, come with pop tops. No opener needed.
  • C'mon Don, don't tell me you haven't seen the cans?!?! I like 'em better with the smaller amounts to deal with. The box is like 2 1/2 cans I think.
  • I use it for a Croatian soup with little dumplings, carrots and kluski noodles. There is ALWAYS about 20 cans in my cupboard.
  • Gosh, Zen, that sounds good. Though I'll use mesquite.
    in Ribs ?? Comment by Leslie August 2005
  • Whirlwind, another way is to get the smoking/grilling out of the way first then shove 'em in the oven on low heat for six hours or so. It's the way my SO's father does his - smokes 'em over mesquite for a couple two-three hours, then off to the ove…
    in Ribs ?? Comment by Leslie July 2005
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-08-05 AT 10:36AM (CST)[/font][br][br]This is a great recipe: 1 lb. vermicelli cook and rinse 1/2 red onion chopped fine (I usually use the whole thing but I really love red onion) 8 oz bottle Spicy I…
  • Simply slice a fresh avacado, throw on some sliced onion and tomato, salt, pepper, a little garlic power, a little tobasco...voila! Heaven.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-15-05 AT 11:16AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Asparagus..don't forget the asparagus. Whatever, entrances on the left, exits on the right!