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Is a company required to pay an employee mileage reimbursement while the employee is also being paid wages. We have an employee who routinely goes to our second office. She wants to be paid her hourly rate of pay and mileage reimbursement. Others think this is paying the employee twice.


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  •  Time that an employee spends traveling as part of his or her principal activity, such as travel from jobsite to jobsite during the workday, must be counted as hours worked and you must pay the employee for this time. Where an employee is required to report at a meeting place to receive instructions, pick up tools, or to perform other work there, the travel from the designated place to the workplace is part of the day's work and must be counted as hours worked regardless of contract or custom. Therefore, as long as the travel time is compensable, you would need to pay the employee for hours worked in addition to the mileage allowance. The mileage allowance does not cover hours worked, it covers gas and wear and tear on the car.


  • Ruth is right.  If she travels often enough or far enough that the mileage is getting to be serious money, then look into renting a car for her to use instead.
  • How is this paying her twice?  You're paying ONCE - her hourly wage.  Mileage is a totally seperate animal.  And if I was her I wouldn't be using my own personal car, paying out of my pocket for gas and car maintenance and insurance, if I wasn't going to be reimbursed.  If it is was a once in a while deal then sure, but you say "routinely" which I take it is often enough that she is starting to feel the pinch, especially with the high cost of fuel now.
  • I agree with the other posters. If this employee is going to another office, in addition to her normal office, then she deserves to get reimbursed for her expenses.  The current IRS Mileage Reimbursement rate is 50.5 cents per mile.  If you choose not to reimburse her at the rate she is eligible to take the remaining amount off her taxes.
  • I agree with the other posts. Mileage is paid for gas and wear and tear on personal vehicles. It is not paying her twice. I work for a federal contractor and I get paid  when I have to go and pick up supplies for job fairs,etc.





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