Firefighters under FLSA

I'm nt clear on what the rles are for firefighters under the FLSA. I know they have special rules. Public, not private.


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  • According to te DOL, a public employee in fire protection includes a firefighter, paramedic, emergency medical technician, rescue worker, ambulance personnel, or hazardous materials worker who is:

    1. trained in fire suppression,
    3. has the legal authority and responsibility to engage in fire suppression, and
    5. is engaged in the prevention, control and extinguishment of fires or response to emergency situations

    Employees may at their own option perform special duty work in fire protection and law enforcement for a separate and independent employer without including wages and hours in regular rate or overtime determinations.


    Fire Departments or Police Departments may establish a work period ranging from 7 to 28 days in which overtime need be paid only after a specified number of hours in each work period.


    Any employee who in any workweek is employed by an agency employing less than 5 employees in fire protection or law enforcement may be exempt from overtime.

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