Threatening lawsuit

We have an employee who has been talking with her co-workers about suing the company.  We haven't heard anything directly from her, just comments that are trickling back through co-workers.  It's not a discrimination based complaint so I don't think we need to do an investigation or anything, but the employee isn't using the open door dispute resolution process we have in place.  Any suggestions on how to handle?


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  • A little more information might make it easier for us to help you.  Is it retaliation?  Has there been a recent adverse action against her? 

  • It sounds like she doe't feel comforable bringing the sues up with her supervisor, so maybe HR needs to set up an appointment to speak with her. Tell her yu have heard comments that she is unhappy and that you would like to see what you can tdo to resolve the situation and make her happier at work. Perhaps in that setting she would open up more and discuss her problems.
  • Do you think the threat is serious or just an employee venting steam?  Do you think that if you talk to her that you might be able to resolve the issue and not be sued?  If she is bent on suing, you need to be careful on how you address her, you don't want to be be seen and trying to shut her down to avoid a lawsuit.  
  • Since this employee has taken the time to discuss the issue with coworkers it could be argued that managment knew or should have known about whatever this employee's issues are with the company and failed to act. I would speak with her supervisor first to see if they have any knowledge of the issue in question and if they have attempted to address her concerns.  The supervisor, if they were aware of any concerns, should have tried to meet with the employee and should have discussed the grievance policy to the employee. Once you've determined the nature of the issue, you may need to seek the advice of your General Counsel to see how to proceed with handling the concerns prior to meeting with the employee.

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