Progressive Disciplinary Policy

Our company currently does not have a progressive discipline policy. Everything is on a case-by-case basis. We are however looking at going to a progressive disciplinary policy. I am interested in your opinions of the pros and cons in making that move.

Thanks for your opinions.

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  • We have a progressive discipline policy. Generally, we follow the same steps, which would be verbal warning, written warning, probation, and finally dismissal, but I think the most important sentence in our progressive discipline policy is this: "the company may use progressive discipline at its discretion".

    It's important to make sure employees understand that, simply because you have a progressive discipline policy, you aren't locked into going through all of the steps each time.
  • Thank you - that was one of the concerns; being "locked in".
  • If your state recognizes at-will employment, be sure to include verbiage to the effect that progressive discipline in no way negates an employee's at-will status and that management may at any time terminate the employment relationship for any legal reason, with or without cause or notice.
  • Our progressive discipline policy also contains a list of infractions that would result in immediate discharge, i.e. no "progressive" discipline. Examples of these infractions would be theft, reporting to work under the influence, possessing alcohol/illegal drugs on company property, assault, possession of firearms on co property, falsifying time records.
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