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Can you please share your vacation policy with me. Do you allow your staff to take vacation during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays?

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  • We allow employees to take vacation any time they like as long as their supervisor approves the time in advance. Thanksgiving and Christmas / New Years is the most sought after time for vacation requests. We hold our Supervisors accountable to ensure their departments have adequate coverage at all times.
  • We do the same, employees can take off whatever time of year they like, based upon supervisor's approval, and the time must be approved in advance. Some of our departments have everyone choose the time they want at the beginning of the year so they can have everything all mapped out for the entire year.

    The time around the holidays is the most often-requested time to be off so the managers are required to keep good control of it to be sure they don't end up short-staffed over the holidays. Most time off is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, but in a case of two employees of one department asking for the exact same time period off (if they can't both be gone at the same time) then it's based upon seniority.

    We have one location that doesn't want its employees to take time during the summer because that is their busiest time of year, but for the most part we're very flexible.
  • Same as both above. Try to be flexible. Allow unless there is something special. . ie inventory which does not occur during holidays.
  • Thank you all for the information..

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  • We allow employees to take vacation all through the year. Since our company is small we also have the supervisors look at the vacation time to make sure that only one person is off at a time in each department.
  • Thank you for that information.
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