Business Continuity Plans

Hi there! Anyone willing to share their policies/procedures for business continuity plans? Specifically I'm looking for how others handle alerting employees in case of emergency/office shut down. We are running into a wall trying to develop a phone tree/alert procedure!

PM me if you're willing to share and I'll send you my email address.



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  • We have just started working on a plan and one of the things we have employees doing is filling out a personal information sheet with their cell phone number, carrier, email address, and other emergency information. We are asking them to then check a box as to how they want to be contacted in case of a facility shutdown; cell phone with a text or an email. Most of our employees are checking both. This comes as a result of the blizzard last winter when administrators and supervisors were scrambling to notify employees that we would be closed. The completed form is filed in the employee's personnal file and a copy is sent to another employee who is entering the data for future use. She then shreds the sheet when she is done. I don't know that we have a written policy yet but this is a start and a good idea for the future. Hope this helps. I can email you a copy of the form if you send me your address.
  • I have a Disaster Kit...a portable lock box that contains workers comp forms, EAP contact info, contact info for health insurance and the electives, etc. It's far from complete.

    I also have a 'note to self' to have a secure messaging area set up on our website where we can communicate with employees privately.
  • Being in the public sector in hurricane land this is an ongoing challenge for us. In addition to above, ee's all have a emergency classification A, B, or C. This doesn't help as much with notification as it does coordinating returns. We also utilize local radio stations for information and maintain an EOC where folks can call in. How are you struggling with the trees?
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