Too Pregnant to Work

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I have an RN, who is expecting and her target date is 5/26. Doctor has not put her out yet and says keep on going!

Fine, but my staff tells me she is in severe pain, sits for most of her shift and others have to do her job. So, she isn't able to perform the essential functions.

I don't think I can force her to take FMLA, can I? We are just concerned as we don't want anything to happen to her. My staff are doing most of her job for her and think she should just stay home until she delivers. I also understand she does not want to stay home because she can't afford to. She wants all she can get while she is able.

Hm, what to do?


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    First, I'd ask for a doctor's note stating that she is able to perform all job duties (make sure you provide a list of said duties) with or without restriction. You can mention to her that you've noticed she isn't performing her regular duties, and you care about her safety, therefore would feel more comfortable with a doctor's note. Try to not use the phrase "I've noticed you're unable to do," as that implies you are regarding her as disabled, rather than making a statement concerning her actual work product.

    Second, are there any duties you can assign her for the moment where she can remain sitting, but still perform a valuable service? If so, this modified duty would be a win-win if she obtains a doctor's note saying she's cleared for work.
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