Thin files?

Do you have thin personnel files?

I saw a question on another forum which asked how fat a long-term employee's personnel files should be. Do you remove items once they reach a certain age, or do you keep them all in the file until the employee has termed?


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  • Our employee files average about one-half inch thick - some thinner, some much fatter.

    We do keep everything (with the exception of medical, which goes in a separate file to begin with) in the file until they term, at which time the file is scanned and archived electronically.

    The only exception would be things that we tend to save on paper each month or payroll, which would be things like commission & bonus reports and copies of garnishment checks. Those fill up the files way too fast, so we have separate files for past years of those things and only keep the current year in the regular file. Then when the employee terms, those separate files would be scanned along with the rest of the file.
  • We keep everything until termination, so we have some very thick folders for long-term employees, some very thin!
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