Drug Testing for Applicants

Believe me, I've searched everywhere for advice on this topic but can't find a specific cite for it. I have always been in the school of thought that, for potential applicants, you send him or her to a certified lab for the test. That way it is also supervised and there is little potential for someone to try to alter the test. However, since I gave up my recruiting duties, my replacement is starting to test potential applicants on-site with no supervision. I think this is a bad idea.

Say, my cousin is about to be hired from a temporary worker to a permanent full-time employee. He confides in me that he didn't know he would be hired on so soon and he smoked weed over the weekend. He asks me to help him out. So, we both go in the bathroom, I take the screen, and it is read as a negative. No one ever knows the difference.

I also hear there are potential problems with drug screens that aren't conducted by certified labs but that's where I can't find anything to corroborrate that statement.

What are your opinions?


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