Training in Manufacturing

We are at a point where we need to update our training for Haz Comm (due to the new GHS),Lock Out / Tag Out and Lift Truck Driving. In the past, at each remote location we used VHS tapes for each subject, showing them on VCR players and TV's. I know, outdated technology.
When I price purchasing duplicate copies of CD's, new CD players and TV's, it runs into a lot of money for our four locations.
Has anyone who is faced with similar challenges used an on-line service, such as the one offered by J J Keller? You log onto their system, select the training tape you want to view and it comes up on your computer screen, complete with study guides and tests you can print out. You pay an annual fee (I saw $ 1895) with unlimited access to all their training
cd's and programs.
By the time I buy the CD's, CD players and new TV's for five remote locations, I think the on-line idea is worth considering.
Any ideas or suggestions?


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