Delivering Happiness

Our very own Still Need Coffee has reviewed Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's book Delivering Happiness. It's a great review. Read it here [URL=""][/URL]

I like that she points out that while it is a good book, it doesn't really belong in the business section.

Have any of you read the book? What do you think?


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  • Sarah, wow, very nicely done! =D> I hope you have already chosen your next book to review from Celeste's HR reading list. If anyone else is interested in playing, please let Celeste know at [email][/email]. Speaking of "Delivering Happiness," she will track down and supply the book to you. Unfortunately, she will also track you down if you don't write the review, so there is a bit of a string attached :ball and chain: -- tk
  • Nice review, Sarah! I have always been impressed with Zappos and Tony. I followed him on Twitter and he definitely worked to create an image that was attractive and exciting for the Zappos brand.

    Whether "happiness" is something a business can provide is debatable. I think at best, we can provide a "happy experience" that our customers will want to repeat. But as a concept, its interesting nonetheless.

    I just finished reading a book about the Comanche wars but I haven't identified an HR application yet.
  • In early September, I had a chance to see Tony speak at his Delivering Happiness Bus Tour when it stopped in Chicago. Interestingly enough, the tour speech is almost verbatim from his book - the same stories, same pauses for laughter, etc. I appreciate the consistent message, and I feel like he truly believes in what he's writing/speaking about.

    I'm going to try touring their facilities in November - as an HR professional, I think I'm still a wee bit cynical - there's no way their employees can be THAT happy, right? It's not that I want Zappos to fail, but I am curious as to whether it really is the utopia everyone thinks it is....does that make me a bad person? :angel:
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