Would you hire HP's former CEO?

A lot of you have probably heard about Mark Hurd, HP's CEO who was recently let go for his conduct. [URL="http://blogs.hrhero.com/oswaldletters/"]The Oswald Letter[/URL], one of our blogs, recently had a [URL="http://blogs.hrhero.com/oswaldletters/2010/08/20/did-hps-board-make-the-right-call/"]post [/URL]about whether HP's Board made the right call in firing Hurd.

Another [URL="http://forum.hrlaws.com/showthread.php?t=66839&page=2"]post [/URL]in this forum (in a thread discussing the JetBlue employee who recently exited his employment as a flight attendant in a grand fashion) wondered whether other employers would be inclined to hire such an individual. It made me think about Hurd, who apparently did great things for HP while he was there (obviously he also did bad things), and whether other employers would be clamoring to bring him on board or whether they would stay away.

What do you think about bringing a "superstar" on board who was recently fired by another company for bad conduct? Is the risk worth what he or she might do for your company? What would you do in this situation?


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