5500 reports

Help! Does anyone have a handle on whether
or not the new IRS information on 5500 reports
on fringe benefit plans means that no one has to
file the 5500? We have gotten a lot of info, but
can't really decide if we need to file the report
or not. We always have in the past, and we are
subject to ERISA. Would appreciate any insight.


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  • Schedule F was discontinued (which is the schedule for fringe benefit plans), but I don't know if that means you don't have to file a 5500 (my assumption would be that you would still have to file the 5500.) A good resource on the web might be 'www.form5500help.com'. Also there are message boards at 'www.benefitslink.com' which are frequented by benefits professionals. There's one message board just for form 5500. I would try posting your question there; a lot of the people who post on the board are attorneys, CPAs and third party administrators. Of course, there's always the DOL. You can find form 5500 help at 'www.dol.gov/pwba'.

    Good luck!

  • You no longer need to file a 5500 for a stand alone 125 plan. If your 125 plan is combined with your group health plan, you would still need to file.
  • Just an update - I'm now hearing conflicting info on this one. One of our TPAs says no 5500 for a 125 plan. The other says we should still file it since we have more than 100 ees, just no Schedule F. Be careful.
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