Manager won't manage meetings

The manager insists that keeping to an agenda and redirecting staff when they are off topic is just not how he does things. He told the staff they can take initiative. This leads to very unproductive meetings . Recently, a bipolar staff member who also has various physical disabilities dominated the staff meeting with a concern that if was moved she would not get the wireless access she needs . She appeared Manic and we have reasons to believe she was at this time. . Although she was assured again and again by everyone there that her need would be met-she would not let go. She started talking about how we could not imagine difficult it was to ask for the accommodation . Finally another staff person said, " I do know how hard it is to ask and that asking does not mean you will be treated well ,," The bipolar employee interrupted her stating that is not the case she has never been treated badly. The staff person who was cut off became upset said " You know you are not the only person here who has a disability." Things went down hill from there and over 40 minutes into a 1 hour meeting the manager decided to "mediate" the "dispute". This if anything escalated things with the manic staff person yelling about being so offended because she is "so sensitive to others with disabilities and to everyone." -although the also disabled staff apologized saying it was not her intention to offend her ending with the bipolar staff person running out of the meeting/ The manic staff person was still fuming a week later ignoring the other staff person, emanating hostility while the other staff person continued to just be friendly and professional, The manager saw this at the next staff weekly meeting. That same day the other staff member went to him and said she was concerned. She had done nothing since the staff meeting assuming the manic s=co-worker would de-escalate. She said she had put up with the hostility for a week but that she was just stopped in the hall and ordered by the manic staff member to "Come her now" She reported that when she said she was with a client and could not , the manic staff member insisted and said it would be one minute. It was reported that this happened 3 times. She explained she was reporting this both because of how invasive this felt but also because it did not seem to her this was de-escalating and she did not know what to do. Later that day the reporting staff member sends an email to the manager stating she was stunned and described this person invading her office while she said NO. In the late evening after 11 pm at night this staff person and the manager were talking about another project, She then mentioned her frustration and feeling helpless to change the situation. She also stated that she feels future incidents could be avoided if the manager would keep meetings on the agenda. She believed if he simply asked things to move on after assuring the manic co-worker he would see that she had what she needed and invited other comments on the agenda point. The manager became angry and hung up on her The next morning calls are happening and there is an investigation because the manic co-worker is accusing the other of having physically thrown her out of her office and the co-worker who was acting professionally and struggling to figure out what could work was suspended Things have become worse given how the suspension happened and other events and the now accused staff person is furious at how she has been treated Still the manager sees himself as having no or little responsibility. The manager is much loved and was the most productive worker before being manager. He just feels to direct meetings "is not who he is"


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