Would you hire Donald Trump as your CEO?

In today's HR Hero Line post, You’re hired? U.S.A., Inc., eyes Trump for CEO, employment law attorney Kylie Tenbrook comes down on the side of not hiring Trump. She argues "If U.S.A., Inc., hired Trump as its CEO and he acted consistent with his previous behavior (which people tend to do), the company could be facing some serious discrimination charges, and perhaps even a class action or four. There’s really not much of a defense to put up, so U.S.A., Inc., should be ready to pay."  Here's a link to Kylie's article: http://bit.ly/1NpppeQ
What do you think?


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    Not an appropriate article for an HR forum...and very unprofessional from an employment attorney. HR professionals are called to be level headed while listening and trying to understand all points of views without a personal bias. Obviously this attorney/writer has subjective personal opinions about someone she does not know personally. I may not be a supporter of DT, but the attorney/writer only presents portions of larger conversations that took place on the issues she addressed. The article is much more suited for the NY Times or Huffington Post, certainly not in a forum where HR professionals come to gain a nugget of knowledge in a subject matter that could be beneficial to a company or a client. Don't care for tabloid opinions in a professional environment. Just read the comments following the article and you will see that I am not alone expressing this sentiment. You guys missed the mark with this article.
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