Double Time Pay?

Hi All-  I have a couple of employees in AZ who are putting in for double time due to working on Thanksgiving as well as someone else putting in for double time for a Sunday (after working 7 consecutive days)  Can anyone tell me what the actual rules/guidelines are for this?  Thanks!!


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  • The federal FLSA does not require employers to pay employees double time for working on holidays, or for working a 7th consecutive day.  It does require employers to pay employees time and one half for all hours actually worked over 40 in a week.

    There are some states that have additional overtime requirements.  If you subscribe to, you can view this information at .  Arizona is one state that does not have its own overtime rule or law that limits consecutive days worked (unless the employees in question are minors). 

    Even though there is no law requiring double time on a holiday or 7th consecutive day of work in Arizona, you will want to consider any provisions in a collective bargaining agreement (if there is one that applies), and any written policies or established procedures that might provide for more than is required by law.

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