What is the acceptable amount of time that a pre-employment drug test should be taken?

We are working on tweeking our pre-employment process.  Part of that process is verifying their driver's license is valid (due to industry our insurance needs employees to have valid licenses) and a negative drug test result.  I had this problem early on and it kind of resolved itself, but it has come up again.  We offered a position to an candidate pending a negative drug test result.  I informed the candidate he should go to the Lab immediately after our meeting.  He waited 2 days instead.  I'm a very skeptical person when it comes to this.  I want to revise our policy to have a time frame in which the candidate needs to submit a sample.  I think that once the offer is made, they should go to the lab within 24 hours.  Is that an acceptable amount of time?  What are other companies doing?


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