Question about new hire business cards


I'm hoping you can help me with my research by answering a few questions. If this is inappropriate, please let me know and I will apologize and withdraw from the board. I'm trying to develop something that will give HR directors and staff an easy way to handle a responsibility.

• In your organization, does HR order business cards for new hires / reorder business cards for staff?

• How do you handle the ordering? Do you have a designer or agency that designs the new cards every time?

I run a print company (I'm not going to name it here because I want this to be research and not an advertisement). I can set up business card layouts for a company that would be stored in a private library for that company. The HR staffer in charge of ordering new cards could pull up the base template, fill in a few fields (employee's name, phone #, email, etc.) and place the order. For reorders, you could just click the cards you need to reorder and hit "Reorder". Fast and easy, especially for a company with a large sales staff that would cycle through cards pretty quickly.

The cards would be consistent across the board, so the marketing people would be happy, and the process of ordering would be incredibly simple and inexpensive.

So if our professional designers designed really nice business cards for your company for free and placed them onto the site where they could be easily customized by you, a staffer, or even an intern, would that entice you to use that company?

What other additional services would you like to see to make the service more valuable?
Also how important is it that the printing is done in a green method? (Soy-based inks instead of traditional Petroleum-based ink, very low- to no-VOC coatings, etc.)

Thank you for your time and answers! I really appreciate your insight.

And again if this is inappropriate, please let me know, remove the post, and accept my apologies.

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