Your opinion re: FMLA

1. We consistently have approximately 11% of our staff (total staff 300 employees) out on FMLA at any given that consistent with your organizations?

 2. Does your company require the employee to pay their bi-weekly contributions to their health benefits?

3. Once the 12 weeks expire, if the employee needs more time, do you allow it?  Also, do you continue their health benefits or require them to take Cobra?

Thank you!!


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  • 1. No.  We have less than 5% of 400 ees out at any given time.

    2. Yes.

    3. We allow unpaid leave of absence for up to 4 weeks with Manager approval.  Employee pays for benefits during that time.


  • 10% is about average.


    Yes (and most do)


    No (and most do not unless there is some other law or contractual obligation to do so)

  • 1.  We have 5 people out right now which is about average.  We have about 350 employees.  So that's about 1.5% or so.


    2.  Yes we require it but employees can either pre-pay or pay when they return as long as they discuss this with HR.


    3.  Sometimes.  If it's an ADA issue then we go down that path and if additional leave could be considered a reasonable accommodation we allow it.   If not, then they are termed at 12 weeks.  We do not allow benefits to continue beyond 12 weeks regardless of what the situation is.  And I would bet that you would need to do the same thing.  Read your insurance contracts, they probably require that employees be either actively at work or out on an approved FMLA leave.  Some may allow a short 30 day unpaid leave but I haven't seen any that allow coverage beyond FMLA. 

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