HR Metrics for the Board of Trustees

I think this is the place to post this...


I am preparing my annual report to the board and am interested in any metrics you find useful above and beyond the usual:  turnover, diversity percentages, level of education, salary breakdown, length of service, hires and terms, etc.  We are a mid-sized organization (under 200).

 Thanks in advance...


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  • I am assuming since it is the hottest topic right now that you will have some information regarding benefits and potential impact new Health Care Bill will have on your organization in the near future?
  • If HR is also responsible for payroll in your organization, reports on payroll trends, outstanding vacation accrual, staffing adequacy, and training numbers (e.g., sexual harassment % of those intended to be trained, recentness of training), number of EE issues arisen and number resolved without external reporting, are all good HR-validating info.
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