Termed employee requests employer say she is "active"

I am helping a client (I am an HR Consultant) with a single employee layoff which includes a release.  One of the few requests she has made is to have the company continue to show her as an active full-time employee during her lengthy severance period (she says for reference purposes only).  The rest of the staff and customers will be notified of her departure.  I know some employers do this.  Has anyone accommodated this type of request?  I'm not comfortable with the "lie."  Thanks.


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  • Some people keep someone "active" in the payroll system if the terms of their severance include additional pay checks or having their benefits being maintained, which can sometimes administratively "require" the person be active in the payroll system for a certain period of time.  It's an artifact of payroll process language rather than a truth about the person's employment status.

    "I show that Ms. XYZ is active in the system" is not a lie, if it's true, by definition. [:D]

    On the other hand, if I'm answering questions at all, I try to answer the question asked.

    "Is Ms. XYZ currently employed by your Company?"

    "I show that Ms. XYZ is active in our payroll system" is a misleading answer to that question.

  • Thanks for your advice.  I was thinking of writing a reference letter, but ended up talking the CEO out of doing it, so the answer became very easy.  I completely appreciate your time.
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