Anyone offering concierge services?

I am the HR Manager for a public accounting firm.  In an effort to help retain our staff and to help with life/work balance issues. . we are thinking of offering some kind of concierge service.  Is anyone doing anything like this now - if so, is this an outsourced service or something you manage in house?  Any  insight would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I work for a financial investment firm, and our building management company offers free concierge service, but very few of our employees use it.  The ones that do use it only use it to order food for internal meetings.  If we did have to pay for it ourselves, we would outsource it though.  It seems like a good idea, but you might want to survey your staff before going down this road.  You can utilize online survey tools such as Survey Monkey, which are inexpensive, quick and easy to use.  If no one's interested in it, I wouldn't lay out the cash for it.  You might find that people would rather have more flexibility in their schedules, which allows them to do things themselves rather than using a concierge.

    From what I've seen, if we had to pay for it ourselves, we wouldn't have it. 

    I don't know if this helps you or not, but good luck.

  • I've checked a couple and we were too small (200 employees at a single location). 
  • We don't offer a concierge service but we do offer a dry cleaning service.  They come twice a week to pick up and deliver clothes for our employees.  The employees pay for the dry cleaning themselves.  The prices are very reasonable and the service is great.  The name of the company is Pressed 4 Time.  They are a franchise organization and have service areas in many different states.
  • There are many issues to consider when offering a concierge service.  Not all of them are created equal.  To utilize a concierge service effectively, it is important that the Company's expectations are clearly outlined and services you want to provide are clearly understood by your employees.  The optimal solution is to have a concierge on-site.  By doing so, your employees have their needs addressed immediately.  The goal of any good concierge service is to:  (1)  Reduce absenteeism and reduce turnover, (2)  Help with retention and recruitment, (3) Enhance productivity and boost commitment.  Employees spend as much as 30% of their time at the office on personal issues.  By offering the right concierge service it can impact the bottom line of a corporation.   Statistics show that the average American is working an extra three hours per week compared to 20 years ago.  That translates into an extra month of work each year.  We are all literally running out of time.  It isn't an illusion.  Time is the new commodity and each of us seems to have less and less each year. I believe that HR professionals are not understanding how these services can actually increase employee commitment and impact the bottom line. 
  • You are not too small to have a concierge on-site.  In fact, you are a perfect size.  Having a concierge service is not only for the "big players," but the beauty of the service is that small to medium size firms can also utilize these services.  You may only consider having a concierge on-site three days a week or 5 half days a week.  There are a variety of solutions available to a smaller firm. 
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