Super Chimps--Our Next Employees?

Might be "April Fools," but I heard Art Bell on the radio last night say that scientists are injecting human DNA into chimpanzees to create "workers" with an IQ capable of doing simple repetitive tasks or tasks such as floor sweeping.  Here's the website for the story

Even if it's a joke, and putting aside any moral problems with this, can you believe the employment law implications--no pay, no breaks, etc.

What are your thoughts on cross-species employees?


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  • Sounds like a hoax, but if it were ever true, People for the Ethical Treament of Animals would have something to say about it. Imagine the complaints you'd get about the body odor of these "employees." One of my childhood friends had a pet chimp, and you could smell it from quite a distance.
  • I hope this is a joke, since it is pretty insulting to the employees who currently perform repetitive task jobs. I don't think that there is any substitute for human judgement and discretion -- no matter what the job.
  • Don't we already have animals as workers--security dogs, police horses, etc.  I just heard on the news that the City of New York is going to use border collies to chase away geese in Central Park. 

    I guess the problem is that chimps are human-like.  But as a dog lover, I think my dogs have human-like feelings and emotions, too.

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