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Good morning,
We placed an exempt employee on suspension pending investigation on February 13th. As a result of the investigation this person was terminated on February 17th. They came into the office for the termination and to retrieve their personal belongings. In addition, February 16th was a paid holiday.

How do I pay this person? I was planning to pay a full day on Feb 13th. Must I pay the holiday on the 16th and for their coming in for the termination on the 17th?



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  • Did you tell them it was an unpaid suspension pending investigation (and is it documented)? Did you tell them their termination day was the 13th? I believe the answer to these questions will determine the final pay date.

    I believe if you weren't absolutely clear it was unpaid and that the termination date would be the 13th you are much better off paying them through the 17th. It will cost you much more if you have to fight (and especially if you lose) a lawsuit/complaint.

    Good luck
  • Thank you, NaeNae. It was determined that the date is February 17th so we will pay for those days.
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