I would like advice on a extreme "venting" session, my superior got wind of it (do to the volume of the conversation by the employee) via other employees. My boss wants disciplinary action taken. I am not in favor of that, I told him it was not a good idea, but he wants to pursue it. any advice would be appreciated. thanks.


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  • Venting can take a lot of different forms from expressing displeasure in a normal tone of voice to throwing things, slamming doors, and using profanity. The question is - Was the venting done in a professional, non-threatening, work-appropriate way? Your use of the word "extreme" in describing the venting leads me to believe the venting was towards the inappropriate side of the spectrum. You really need to gather facts from those who witnessed the venting to determine whether the venting was unprofessional or threatening.
  • As, usual David is correct. Maybe if you could give us a few more facts, we might be able to help more.
  • thank you for your responses. I will say there was yelling, no threats made the "B" word was used a couple of times. But I didn't feel any type of "uncomfortableness" I wasn't nervous or fearful of anything. It was just overheard by others and taken through the grapevine and the President and EVP got wind, and wanted to take disciplinary action against the employee. I understand that things can be taken out of context, and can be twisted any way you want to twist them, but I just am not comfortable disciplining anyone for a venting session.
  • Well, my take is that yelling is inappropriate in the workplace. One can vent in a normal, or even stern, voice, without yelling. More concerning to me is referring to a co-worker as a "B", whether it is to the employee's face or in conversation with others. It is inappropriate. If the culture of your workplace allows employees to refer to each other by derogatory names, I think a harassment complaint is in your future.

    Sonny, thanks for your comments. Now if I can only get our unions to agree that "as usual, David is correct."
  • Yelling is unprofessional, but sometimes we do get passionate about how we feel about things. For the yelling, I would consider where it was done, how long it went on, why it was done, and how frequently it is occurring. If it was extraordinary circumstances and this is the only time it has happened, I would caution the employee to be more professional in the future. Yelling can easily be interpreted as bullying. If you let it go by without saying anything, you can be certain it will happen again.

    Calling names is something entirely different and never acceptable. At the very least this needs to be addressed under a verbal warning. When you allow employees to call you names you lose credibility with other employees, and you set the employee up to fail as it is certain they will do it again and possibly with someone who will fire them for it. Take action and protect your credibility and their future with the company.

    Good luck!
  • David. . I will tell your unions if you tell mine :0
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