Voluntary or Involuntary Termination??

Our employee gave notice that she was taking a new job effective July 14. The person she was working for is retiring at the end of August, so she offered to stay on part time to help wrap things up. She can do this, she said, because much of the work can be done from home or from her new office, which has told her they are flexible about her doing other work while on duty there.

Ignoring the oddness of the situation (her supervisor was glad to have the additional help rather than find someone else in the company for six weeks).......

Her term date is coming up, and I have had occasion to ponder whether this is a voluntary or involuntary termination. On the one hand, she gave notice, which in most cases would be the end of it. But, she offered to stay on, and the last date that she would be in the job was set by her bosses' retiremnt date.



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