Deer in the headlights moment.

In 25 words or less, please share your most memorable "deer in the headlights" moment while working in HR.

Can't wait to read about your adventures!



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  • Many of you probably deal with this on a daily basis, BUT... We are a bank that does not do drug testing. One day, our teller supervisor reported that one of our tellers appeared to be under the influence of something. I had no idea what to say. Pretty sure my mouth was open.
  • An employee was caught smoking pot in the cooler. He received unemployment benefits because one bad decision does not necessarily translate to misconduct. We fought it but lost.

    Another one. An employee was sexually harassing female employees, which involved touching. He also received unemployment benefits. We fought this twice and finally won.

    Makes me wonder about some ALJ's and why they would think some of this behavior can not be misconduct. ::angryface::
  • We had a female electrician file a sexual harrassment lawsuit against her male supervisor. They had been in a consensual relationship, and he had bought her a truck and was paying her rent.

    Everything was swell until her live-in lesbian lover found out about it and kicked her out! Since she couldn't move in with him (because he was married, of course!), she sued him to try to get enough money to buy a trailer of her own. (You can't make this stuff up.)
  • We had an employee sexually harassing a female subordinate with comments like I want to nibble on your ear and then get on WebMD, pull up a picture of male genitalia, call her in, and ask her what she thinks. Oh, BTW - his wife worked there as well.

    I agree - you cannot make ths stuff up.**==
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