What would you do if one of your employees did the same thing the employee in the article below did? Would you terminate his employment? Would you give him a reprimand for policy violation? Would you give him an award for community service? Would you ignore the whole thing? Does following company policy override being a good citizen?

Could there be more to the story than is represented in the article? Could the reporter have skewed the facts to make the employer look like the big bad wolf?

Sharon http://money.msn.com/investing/news.aspx?feed=AP&date=20131017&id=17011818


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  • I certainly don't think we'd terminate his employment, or even reprimand him. He wasn't even working at the time, he was on his lunch break. Sure, he could have just called 911, but for all he knew, the woman could have been seriously injured or killed before the police arrived.

    You never know with the way the news is reported, there could be more to the story and/or the facts could be skewed, but it wouldn't really surprise me if it was true just as it was told. I've heard several similar stories recently.
  • The way the story reads the employee was on his break and defended himself. If those are the facts I can't imagine firing someone for it. On the other hand, if I had an employee who either talked or behaved as if he was a moment away from punching someone and this happened to him, I would let them go. I doubt if we really have all the facts here.
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