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Good afternoon everyone!!

Question... We are a credit union and wanted to know if anyone could share any information regarding comp time. Some managers are questioning that they are entitled to overtime if they work after hours and on weekends.

As always, any information is greatly appreciated. :)



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  • We're a bank and do not offer comp time. We pay any hourly employee time and a half for all hours worked over 40. Our salaried exempt people do not get paid extra and are not given "offset" for the weeks they work Saturdays.
  • They could always flex their time?
    I always understood that comp. time does not exist except in the government. It has to be allowed at 1.5 time.
    Are they exempt?
  • That was my understanding also. You can offer what Sonny suggested though. Basically time off at the OT "rate".
  • We too are in banking and pay the same as FunHRBanker. If someone or a dept. goes above and beyond the call of duty and puts in A LOT of extra time we will usually give them additional paid time off -personal/vacation time, half or whole day, as a way of saving thank you.
    Our managers (exempt staff) understand they are being paid for the job and not by the time they work. If they can get their work compelted in 40 hours - great. If it takes more hours - so be it.
  • Exempt employees are paid by the job and not by the hour. That means that, technically, you can work them 24/7.

    We never have a problem with an exempt employee taking partial days for time they need to be away. We consider that comp time. If someone really goes above and beyond (and that is saying a lot here), we give them an extra day off. We NEVER give comp time to managers at time and a half. We do not keep track of manager's hours, and don't expect them to either. That is what hourly employees do. However, a good manager should notice when their exempt employees (including other managers that report to them) are putting in a lot of extra time and recognize the employee in the most suitable way. That could be gift cards, public or private notice, a note in their file, extra time off, etc.
  • Leave it to me to muddy the waters.

    I am assuming these folks are exempt. In which case I agree with the others on exempt.

    If they are non-exempt, we would allow them to flex their time hour for hour within the work week
    if we (public sector) had a comp. policy (which we do not) they could comp their time outside of the pay week and the rate of 1.5 hours. Both would have to be pre-approved barring an emergency.
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