It is funny, but I always thought people become more laid back as they get older. I seem to be less tolerant, at least with employee sitations. How did that come about?


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  • You know, I've thought about that too. I think, for me, at least part of it comes from the fact that I've pretty much seen it all over the years. For people with less life experience than us, things that happen sometimes take on much more drama or importance than they need to. Once we've dealt with the same situations many times in our career, we see how relatively little impact they have in the grand scheme of things and I know that I am less tolerant of all the drama that ends up happening because I know "this too shall pass". I've always been pretty laid back and I find I have more patience in many situations than I did when I was younger, but I am also much less tolerant of some of the things I see.

    And not everybody becomes more laid back as they get older....think of the cranky old "you kids get off my lawn" stereotype! :D
  • Something about turning 60, I think. :)

    I agree with all cnghr. . I, too, am better in some ways, worse in others.
  • Sonny.... what was it they said about middle age - "When a broad mind and a narrow waist trade places." Wonder what it was that happened when I turned 60? They certainly didn't reverse back to before middle age.
    "This too shall pass" was one of my Mom's favorite expressions. Very similar to "In the big scope of things...."
  • It sounds like we have all reached the "old geezer" stage of life.
  • LOL at David & Dutch. .the female version of old geezer is "Old Broad". .that works too!

    I seem to be more empathetic with some employees and less with the union(s).

    One of our respected consultants was at a Commission meeting 6 weeks ago, next day had what they thought was a stroke and he will be buried tomorrow. 61. Cancer everywhere. No symptoms, healthy type. Currently have 6 employees fighting up to stage 4 cancer. all 60 or younger. And the union goes to arbitration over a tattoo policy that is very liberal but limits size and content and prohibits mutilation. We are limited their artistic freedom you know. PLEASE folks, get a life.

    Thanks for listening. I know, Dutch, it will pass.
  • [quote=sonny;725221]LOL at David & Dutch. .the female version of old geezer is "Old Broad". .that works too! [/quote]

    I've been trying desperately to forget that I'm now getting into "old broad" territory, but I couldn't deny it when I went to my 40-year high school class reunion last week. I kept looking around at all these OLD people and thinking that I couldn't possibly be the same age as them!
  • I know what you mean.... when did everyone get so old?
    Kinda hits home when I hire someone that could be by grandkid.

    I keep telling my young bride how lucky she is 'cause I am twice the man I was when we married.... I won't tell you what she says in response :)
    All due to her home cookin'
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