For the last 4 months w/the exception of 1 brief break my dept. has been doing overtime. Out of 100% 95% of staff was doing it.I was part of the 5% that was not doing it.Not because I didn't want to,but because I wasn't chosen.I am always the 1 after all staff meetings asking when will there be some overtime & the answer would be 9x's out of 10,Ohh we'll get back to you. Also overtime is NOT usually given to new employees but in this case it was. The staff is divided into units of 5,with a total of 5 units. This means you have 25 workers then when you add supervisors and management the total is roughly about 30 people. My unit caught their 2nd stab @ overtime in July. The two months prior w/a brief interruption was their 1st.Now the 1st time around I immediately noticed everyone in my unit & almost everyone in my dept.was doing O.T. The few that declined were either attending school,have young children or just travel too far. Heres the craziness,I'm the 1 always asking about OT.I'm usually there before my shift begins & there when my shift ends,but on my watch.This course of action is done mainly for me to stay afloat.This too is the main reason why I'm always asking for extra hrs. Now here's twice O.T has been distributed & I'm not included, allow me to add I have 10+ yrs. So here I've made it known I'm available,I have senority & skills,but I'm not given the opportunity for the 2nd time around.The 1st time this happened I was so stunned it paralyzed me.The 2nd time I'm now asking is there some reason why I'm being excluded.The answer I got was: OH WE'RE TRYING SOMETHING,ONCE WE'VE DETERMINED IT'S WORKING THEN WE'LL OPEN IT UP TO EVERYONE.Well its already 95% doing it & its week 5/6,must be working.I filed a complaint & they're denying me restitution as they feel I have not been impacted.My contract reads anytime O.T is distributed it is to distributed evenly & then by senority. Must I really provide ways I've been impacted if my manager swears she was unaware her O.T distribution was wrong
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