Bring-Your-Own-Device Policies

Does anyone have a policy they will share regarding BYOD? We are kicking around the idea and trying to come up with some type of reimbursement arrangement. If you have a reimbursement arrangement, would you share it too and does it go through payroll?


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  • If I were you I would set soemthing up wtih a flat dollar no matter the device, that is, if I did it at all. You may run into some serious issues regarding privacy and company intellectual property if you go this way. What if the employee has a list of your clients and leaves? What if they have HIPAA information and don't have adequate protection against theft? I highly recommend you seriously think this through before you go this direction. Get legal advice and make sure your policies are strongly worded and enforceable. Good luck!
  • We currently reimburse certain employees $100 per month towards their cell phone bill. Most employees turn in their bills and we pay them through APS. When the bill is over $100 the employee turns in a check for the difference and it goes into the Telephone Expense general ledger account. If the employee prefers to pay the bill directly, they turn in an expense report and entries are made to their checking/savings account for the $100.

    One nice thing about working for a Bank - easy (dual controlled of course) access to employee's accounts for expense reports!
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